Ric-Mar Apartments
Delaware Ave & Bunting Ave
Fenwick Island, DE 19944

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I find it extremely convenient that people can post whatever they want about establishments and ruin their names without anyone colaborating or verifying their accusations. Which leads me to Beleive that it is quit possible these are attempts by disgruntled neighbors once again trying to run others in the ground due to unresolved differences between them and owners.

We have had bed bugs before so we are EXTREMELY careful!!! We went into the room and it was pretty dirty. When we looked under the bed it seemed okay. We went to look in the couch, and there was a bed bug larve. There were a bunch of holes under the mattress leading anyone that's had this problem to believe there were many more inside! EWW!!! The people were nice about it and are getting it fixed but beware! (:HappyHunting<3.

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