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I was vacationing in Dc for Memorial Day weekend (May 24-26, 2013). We also went to a Phillies/Nationals Baseball game. I noticed a bite on my leg the second day. Then when we got home, I found another one on my leg. I thought I had gotten bit at the game by a spider or something. It spread rapidly for the next several months. I went to the hospital, dermatologists, allergists and infection disease specialist. They all put me on antibiotics, steroids and creams. They all gave me a diagnoses of m

rsa, neurodermititis, cellulitis, etc. Biopsies, bloodwork and cultures came back as "hives". I was exhausted trying to figure out what I had. Not one doctor could figure it out! So frustrating! I am itchy, filled with anxiety and exhausted. I went to Florida last week and was itch free and mark free. Then after I returned from vacation, I was lying in my bed itching again. I woke from a dead sleep and started to scratch my arm and a bug was on me. The lights went on and there they were! I never, ever saw any before! Ever! I threw out my mattress and all the blankets, pillows and sheets too. I bombed my room with bed bug fogger, sprayed everything with rubbing alcohol and cleaned and disinfected my room. I threw away my bedroom chair and picture frames. I can't even believe that all this time it was this wasn't on the bed bug registry....I am a travel agent so I hear the stories and never thought it would happen to me.

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