Marriott Residence Inn Capitol Washington DC
333 E St Sw
Washington, DC 20024-3221

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Well, I didn't know what bed bugs were, but I found out recently after a stay here. I thought it might be a rash or some alergic reaction...not knowing what bed bugs were. Well, now I've learned and know to check a website like this one, before making a hotel reservation. Don't stay here. You don't want the bites. Believe me. For me I woke up in the middle of the night itching and hot like I was running a temperature. I think the bites actually caused my body to go into an allergic reacti

on. In the end I had tiny red itchy spots all over my body...and now I'm concerned they got into my luggage and my house.

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This place has bed bugs, stayed there August 2012 for a couple weeks and started having bumps on my arms! didn't think much of it, until the night sleeping bed watching TV, this large black bug/tic something walked on the sheet!! I ran out to the front desk. They stormed my room, went though all my luggage my clothes underware and all. they took everything to wash and moved me to another room. By the time the horrific night was over it was 4AM!!!! the manager told me she will give me lots of mar

riot points!!!
Well I am out of there now and the hurtfull bumps are all gone. I will never stay there again.
this place has bed bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We stayed here for 6 nights August 2011. After reading reports of bedbugs at this motel, I did a very thorough inspection of both the bed AND sofabed as soon as we checked in and found nothing. We had a wonderful stay. Everything was very clean and comfortable and I would not hesitate staying here again or recommending it to someone else!

I stayed at this hotel in February and had no problems at all. The room was very clean and comfortable. Would absolutely stay here again!

Stayed in this hotel for two weeks in March 2011, and I did not have any issues at all. Room was clean and did not see any bugs or experience any bites.

stayed at hotel 3/18/11-3/22/11, on the sixth floor

With all the bed bug paranoia, we always check the bedding immediately after check-in. We discovered no bed bugs and did not suffer any bites. The breakfast buffet area was neat and orderly with no signs of bugs or unclean eating surfaces.

Swarming with bed bugs in my bed Nov 4-5 2010. 4 dozen bites.

We take great pride in our hotel and in the services we offer and have a very aggressive extermination program in place. Bed bugs are not a regular occurrence at our hotel because of our aggressive pest control program which is administered by a professional pest control company. Besides our regular extermination program which occurs monthly, we use an outside company for any incidents that involve any kind of report of bugs. We have increased our room inspection program which includes checking

for the presence of bugs and insects. If anything is found during this process or reported by any guest, we immediately call the outside extermination company for treatment and we do not sell the room until it is pest free. We also inspect all rooms around that room and above and below to ensure no other rooms have been affected. No rooms are put back into service until we are given a clean record from the outside company.

As has been recently reported by many news sources, the incidence of bed bugs is higher than usual throughout the United States and the world. Bed Bugs have been found in many locations, including popular retail chains, movie theaters, public transportation vehicles and hotels. Bed bugs are not a cleanliness issue and are brought into hotels by guests who have been in contact with them elsewhere. No hotel is exempt. Bed bugs do not discriminate between hotel brand, star rating, or location of hotel. What does distinguish a hotel above the rest is how aggressive they treat for bed bugs in the rare occurrence of a sighting or infestation. I am confident that our aggressive extermination program addresses this issue so that our guests can have a safe and comfortable stay.

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i have bites all over my arms and legs from mesquitos, fleas, gnats, and bed bugs. The mattress had bugs all over. the lobby had several gnats and mesquitos flying all over especailly in the area where the breakfast buffet is. i went to get a soda from the machine and there was gnats in my sprite. this hotel also allows pets which could be the reason that there are so many flees just hoping around the lobby area. if you look hard enough you will see them on the floors. Me and my wife have bites

all over our arms and legs. i stayed 10/1/10 to 10/4/10. I also happened to see some cochroaches around outside the building and wouldnt be suprised if they are walking the halls of the hotel. it is as if this hotel does not follow any type of extermination program through ecolab or other commercail santitation companies.

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Stayed end of September 2010.

Woke up first morning and noticed bites on ankle, thought it might be from something else. Woke up second morning and noticed new bites on thigh. Room was on 8th floor.

Stayed at this hotel in July 2010. My wife woke up and found one bug on her. Thankfully no welts.

End of July 2010

Bedbugs reported in room on 12th floor. They came in and sprayed and replaced mattress. Over next few days ... more bites appeared.

Changed rooms.

Hoping that I haven't picked up critters into luggage and laundry. Don't want to bring these home.

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