Comfort Suites Westminster
12085 Delaware St
Westminster, CO 80234-2123

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I was having orientation at Werner Trucking in Feb.2013 this Hotel was where Werner had us evening a fellow potential employee and person who I was sharing the room with noticed a small bug on the wall and said looks like a bedbug.I killed bug we reported this incident to the desk clerk we were given a different room.I needed my Doctor to sign off she was not available so I was on my way back Boise,Idaho by bus.I got back to Boise and not too long after.I Started getting bedbug bites ev

ery night slept in my bed until I could not stand the torment any air conditioner was not working,I slept on the living room recliner for over six months.I then slept in my bed and and was not bothered by bedbugs again.I believe the summer heat with no cooling in the house and no blood to feed on the infestation died.Going through this was the most miserable times in my life.Horrible Hotel.P.S.Every Driver canadate from all over the country were house by Werner Trucking on the Second floor of that Hotel.

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Check In: 3/24/2014
Check Out:3/26/2014

We had to be moved between 4 different rooms after check in due to broken toilets, urine stains on toilet, and a broken microwave.

After checking out we noticed small red dots around our neck and chest but assumed they were from a rash from the detergent they used in the sheets, but when a family member pointed out a string of bites in a row on our 2 years old son's neck we went straight to the dermatologist who immediately confirmed them as bed bug


We called the hotel right away at 4pm and they actually said to call back tomorrow to speak to someone else.

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Date of encounter: 9 January 2013
Room 200
My wife and I were scheduled to stay in this hotel for the week. My wife woke up the morning of Wednesday the 9th of January 2013 with over 30 bites all over her body. Needless to say we were both worried and concerned. No bites showed on me at all (which is not unusual from what we've read).

We contacted the hotel and it has been quite frankly a bit of a nightmare. They found us a new room but didn't help us move at all. They kept giving us

the wrong information as to when the exterminators would come which caused us all kinds of problems as we tried to schedule our lives around their bug problem. We are now to the 3rd scheduled time that the exterminators are supposed to come (tomorrow) but the first two times we were told they were coming they didn't come. And as of today we are planning to never stay at this hotel again because of how they handled this.

We spoke directly to the exterminators and asked them to send the report (how many live and how many dead) directly to us. We also spoke with them about what the hotel should be doing to resolve this situation. The hotel should have set us up in a new hotel room with a 3rd hotel room on the ready to use as our clean room. Then any bugs that we carried with us from the originally infested room that were carried into the 2nd room would be left in the 2nd room and not taken into the 3rd clean room. The 3rd clean room would be used to move all 'cleared and cleaned' items into as they get cleaned and cleared. Then there is a much smaller chance to bring the bugs back to our home.

The hotel did not keep a 3rd room for us. They simply said they were sold out and left it at that. The hotel has been saying all the right things but not doing the right things. We are both so frustrated and angry.

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