Guesthouse Intl Inn & Suites
730 N Santa Fe Ave
Pueblo, CO

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Pueblo Health Department has quarantined my room until next week. I noticed the infestation about a week or so after my arrival, spotted 2 adult bedbugs in my room. I had to move out, wash all laundry and pest control came and sprayed. I moved back in a week later, and, unfortunately, I killed 2 more adult bedbugs. This time I again contacted the hotel AND the health department.

They sent someone out within 24 hours, inspected the room, and quarantined it until it can be treated and insp

ected again. Inspector found dead adult bedbug bodies near the bedframe, no sign of juvenile bugs though.

The Room is 211 and it is under quarantine right now -- 12/16/2012.

I haven't found the staff terribly helpful

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