Peak to Peak Lodge
760 S Saint Vrain Ave
Estes Park, CO

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Booked through with reviews that they were clean and tdiy... older but charming and again... clean and tidy. Checked in on Thursday, Sep 4th 2014 (we were in town for 4-days the Scottish Highland Games)afternoon. Room was at a glance clean and tidy. But come night fall the mood changed as black beetles (about an inch long...) were showing up and just walking across the floor... coming into the room... My husband found out the hard way that they were stink bugs... I had an asthma

attack as a result (don't usually ever need an inhaler... sure glad it wasn't expired. But they just kept appearing... I would wake up to use the restroom and sure enough there would be another one! 5 nasty black stink bugs. And one found it's way into my bed apparently!! I live in a log home in the forrest and do not usually get creeped out but this was NASTY and excessive and unacceptable.

I woke in the morning with 9 itcjy spots which through the day became big nasty welts. Spoke to the desk clerk but the hotel was booked full. I called the owner of the lodge over to my room and pulled the sheets back and there was... A BIG BLACK BEETLE! Pulled back the mattress from the headboard and revealed 30+++ bed bugs (easy to see!) OMG! I cried... The owner just said he would change the sheets and spray the room and bed... but there was nothing else he could do. We packed up.

Packed up, loadedup car, and drove to the local American Legion and talked to some locals who kindly made phone calls to get us a room in a town which had been sold out for months... got a decent rate(they felt bad for us) of $150 a night... Bed Bug Lodge owner said he would credit us for the one night stay and return our deposit so we were able to put that towards our stat at the Fawn Valley Lodge right on the river... HUGE accomodations and clean (FOR REAL CLEAN). Housekeepers should check for bed bugs when cleaning rooms... The infestation was soooooo extreme in our room that it is unbeliavble no one noticed. I saw 30++ at a glance which makes me fear there were hundreds. I still feel itchy... creeped out and have nasty welts on my arms and shoulders:(

Shame on me... I will check for bed bugs RIGHT WHEN WE CHECK IN... Not wait...

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