Olin Hotel Apartments
1420 Logan St
Denver, CO

Found 4 reports:

Not sure who gives out these comments, but the Olin Hotel is bug free. They have a strict 6 week exterminating problem that keeps the building bug free. When I moved in they inspected my belongings and found bugs. At no charge they took all my items and fogged them. After 2 days they delivered my items to my room and I have never had another problem. The people are great and we have a great community here at the Olin.

olin apartments are loaded with bed bugs and tweakers galore..move in today!!!! also chid molester in apt 324

When I was submiting my app for this place, the residents were all talking about the bed bugs. I have also been told from other residents that they do noting about this problem. That is all I have to add.

six year ago i lived at this place, they did not tell me they had bedbugs. shortly after I moved in i had to move out. they settled out of court for 600.00. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS PLACE, YOU WILL BE SORRY. Jonathan Naff, [email protected] North Platte NE.

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