Magnolia Hotel Denver
818 17th St
Denver, CO 80202-3101

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I stayed at the Magnolia July 20-23rd for a business meeting. A few weeks later, my son and I started waking up with bites on our legs, neck, and arms in our home. My initial reaction was that I must have brought them home from Denver. We had not been to anywhere else since then. We tore the house apart and couldn't find anything but mosquitos. We have continuously woken up with new bites. This morning, I caught a bedbug crawling on my couch and we called a bed bug pest control company.

Turns out we have a small infestation, but we will have to pay $3000 to get our entire home heat treated. I am 100% convinced that they came home with me from the Magnolia. I will never stay in a hotel again without first checking this registry!

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I have stayed here multiple times and had NEVER had these issues reading thru some of others people reviews and reports, who travels with a jar handy for bedbug catching, in all of the rooms that I stayed in never encountered issues except for a lack of hot water one morning.
and if you had issues the first night why stay the second night....
overall a good hotel I use for travel

I recently stayed at this hotel for a wedding I was attending.
The morning we were leaving we found two bed bugs in our bed and in our luggage. We captured one of the bug and put it in a jar and had the manager come up and look at it, she fully admitted that it was a bed bug and notified us of what their protocol is because apparently this happens fairly often.
After requesting our money be returned and compensation for our destroyed luggage be provided the manager Stephanie reluctantly agre

ed. She then sent a maintenance man to the room who stated that they normally find "clumps of bugs" near the headboard of the bed, he then proceeded to tell us that individuals from Germany and New York bring the bed bugs to the hotel.
When we returned home, we discarded our luggage per instructions from the Colorado Department of Public Health, and on our reliance of the manager's statement that our luggage would be reimbursed. However, the manager is now refusing to reimburse us. If you read reviews of this hotel you will see that many floors are infested with bed bugs, do not stay here it will be the worst mistake you can make in regards to your travels.

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We stayed in a room on the 10th floor on June 18 and 19, 2013. I woke up after the first night with a number of bites, but saw no evidence of bed bugs. After the second night, the bites had doubled and we found a dead bed bug on the mattress pad. The hotel moved us to a room on the 12th floor, comped our parking for the stay, and claimed they were going to "treat" that room. We ha don troubles in the new room, but the itching and ugly bites sure out a damper on our vacation!



I will never stay here again because of that last comment!!!

How rude!!

I stayed here twice and the first time was a great experience. The second....not so much. First they have staff that open the doors for you and I have a mentally challenged son and the door "person" if you can even call that trailer trash a person, must have said retard at least 3 times in front of my son. Also, the sheets inside the room werent clean. I dont know if they have bedbugs but I do know their staff is horrible and the sheets aren't clean.

I've stayed at this hotel for over 3 years running and the misconstrued reports of bed bugs is simply unfounded. The hotel is immaculate, the staff is wonderful and those posting erroneous information should just be ashamed of themselves.

I stayed there and it was sick. There were dead bugs in the room and cum on the sheets. Sick place

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