Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center
650 15th St
Denver, CO 80202

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I just returned from a nice stay at this hotel. I now have bites on both arms, chest, stomach, and neck. I reported it when I was checking out. They informed me that they had not had a problem or reports of bed bugs.

Sorry to inform you that on Feb 4, 2015, my daughter stayed in the Hyatt Regency Convention Center in Denver, as part of a school function, and came home after one night in the hotel with red bug bites covering both legs. She shared her bed with a fellow student, who, yes, was also covered in bug bites. Neither girl left home with any bites or red marks whatsoever. I called the Hyatt Regency, and they did take my phone call seriously, although they did express surprise saying they never had a

ny other reports about bed bugs, telling me their staff is well trained to detect them. They said they would have an outside company come in and assess the room. Several hours later, the manager did call back as he said he would, with the "happy" news that they did not discover bed bugs. This report was less happy for us, however, since it did nothing to make my daughter's red, angry bites feel any better. They said they did not fumigate the room. We threw out my daughter's luggage, all the clothing that was in it, and all her bedding at home. This was necessary because she came home from her event in Denver late the next night, and went straight to bed. She got up the next morning and showed me her legs, covered in bites. She said she saw red marks on her legs the previous morning when she got up in the hotel, but she and her friend, not knowing to suspect bugs in their bed, decided it must have been something in the shower ... This is certainly not what we expected as part of her participation in a very special event with talented students from all over the state. The hotel did comp the room charge, "for all my trouble," although it was paid for by my daughter's school, and not by me. The room charge was not the important part - my daughter's legs were covered in angry red bites, and I was concerned for the next guests in that room. I did not realize there was a bed bug registry until this evening, almost a week later, until someone told me to check it. Lo and behold, the Hyatt Regency Convention Center was listed here, plain as day. So the "surprise" registered by the first manager I spoke with actually surprises me. Please listen to your guests, Hyatt Regency, and believe them when they tell you their child came home covered in bites. Please be less interested in protecting your reputation - which, given your inclusion on the bed bug registry already and my daughter's and her friends' legs - is already quite buggy. Bed bugs happen. It is a stellar hotel who can own up to them, do right by their guests and eradicate the problem, instead of being silent and contributing to their spread to other places, including your guests' homes. We travel often, and will be making sure that we never stay in your properties again, and will let our friends, family and the school administrators know as well. I hope all other students who travel for an honor's recognition get to enjoy their special day without the extra surprise of being covered in bed bug bites from their exciting stay at a hotel.

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Me, my husband, and daughter stayed there 9/8/12 and 9/9/12. My husband noticed the next day he had weird bites on his chest. Two days later he had some bites on his arm. I slept in the other bed with my daughter and I itched all night but neither of us had obvious bites.

Stayed there a few days for a convention, came home with bed bugs! They showed up a week later in my house (caught it early, unfortunately). Found infant bugs in materials (such as books) that were nowhere near my room, but were received while at the hotel.

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