Crowne Plaza Hotel Denver
1450 Glenarm Pl
Denver, CO 80202-5019

Found 4 reports:

June 1, 2014. Room 720. Woke up at 2:30 am and found about 7 bedbugs of various sizes. Killed them all. Other bed seemed OK.

Bed bugs in room 1819 from Oct. 26-30, 2013 stay. Housekeepers confirmed there were bed bugs in our room AFTER we left. Roommates were covered in bites.

From a stay Oct. 26-31, on the 18th floor. Arms and hands are literally covered in bites that only appeared two days later. Roommate in the room had same symptoms, less coverage of bites. Front desk confirmed that housekeeping found bed bugs in our room.

We stayed her June 12-19. Our first morning there my room mate woke up and several bites on her stomach and a couple on her leg. The hotel totally replaced the bed, mirror and headboard, and steamed the carpet. We were fine for the rest of our stay. they were, however, supposed to steam clean our luggage to ensure we did not bring any back home with us. They did not follow through with this.

No nearby bug reports