Homewood Suites-Boulder
4950 Baseline Rd
Boulder, CO 80303-2702

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My husband was doing a long term stay at this hotel and I came to visit for the weekend as we are moving to Colorado for his work. He had been staying in the room since 2/11/13 (and in another room prior to that), and I had been there since Friday. This afternoon, Sunday 2/24/13 at approximately 12:30pm, I found a dead bug on the sheet when I moved a pillow. It was orange, had a distinct head and body and legs. I immediately wrapped it in a tissue, Googled images of bed bugs so I could be sure o

f what the bug was and sure enough the bug I had found matched the pictures of bed bugs. Housekeeping came to our room, examined the bug and then dropped in on the floor before I could bag in a Ziploc bag. I could not find it on the carpet after he dropped it. Housekeep proceeded to take apart the bed and search for other bugs or evidence and I went to the front desk to discuss what we should do next, as all of our clothes and luggage would need to be cleaned (and it was a lot of stuff as my husband has been staying there four days every week). The manager denied it was a bed bug and claimed it was a “lady bug” and stated that the hotel would not accept any liability, would not assist us or pay for the cost of cleaning and dry cleaning clothes and luggage. I then told him that if I were guest and this happened to another guest while I was at the hotel I would want to know. I told him that since the hotel was refusing to help or take any responsibility (and of course we never received an apology from him for our trouble), I would be letting the other guests know that we had a found a bed bug and they should take precautions. The manager then proceeded to call the police and while we were packing up our stuff in giant garbage bags (because we didn’t want to take potentially contaminated clothes/bags to another hotel and infect them) the police came and interviewed me and of course left because I had not done anything wrong. We will also be having our home cleaned because my husband has been back and forth with clothes and luggage that has been in the home that had the bed bug. Unfortunately it will likely cost us a few thousand dollars when we add up the extra hotel, the new luggage, the cost of washing and dry cleaning all our clothes and his suits, and the cleaning of our home. Not to mention the emotional cost of ruining our vacation, and being threatened with arrest over something that was no fault of my own. Please be aware that although I only found one dead bug, where there’s one there are others and there are eggs so do yourself and favor and DO NOT stay at this hotel.

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