Comfort Inn Southeast Aurora
14071 E Iliff Ave
Aurora, CO 80014-1404

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We stayed in room 210 at this hotel from June 14 to May 12, 2014. Not having previous experience with bedbugs we did not discover that the little bumps that I was getting were bites until we visited a Medical Doctor at the Guardian Urgent Care, located at 1250 S. Buckley Rd. The doctor first diagnosed the infection as a "not identified" skin rash on our first visit, however, when my wife ended up with the same "rash" two days later, a second Dr. identified the problem as bedbug bites. The

bites had become infected and required that I be put on an antibiotic. The doctor also prescribed the same antibiotic for my wife as a preventative since her bites were also becoming infected.

We talked to the hotel management about the doctor’s diagnosis and they promptly moved us to a different room (201) ... the bites stopped. We requested that the owner meet with us to discuss compensation for our troubles since the manager was incapable of making such decisions. The owner never returned our calls though we were promised that he would meet with us he never showed up. We left without any compensation for this problem and are now dealing with disinfecting our cloths and travel cases.

This, on the surface, is a nice hotel and we have stayed here multiple times in the past since our Mother was in the Colorado State Veterans Home in Aurora … it is conveniently close to I225 and has a hospital rate … however, having bedbugs was not in our plans and has caused us a lot of problems both physical and in the time we are taking to insure that we do not spread these bugs to our own home.

You may wish to consider an alternative place to stay ….

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Checked in on April 2,2010 at 8 pm in room #321. Found large bed bugs in both beds, killed them, full of blood. Had to pack up family with newborn baby and find another hotel. Front desk gave us a hard time with refund, didn't want to call manager stating "He's sleeping, I don't want to wake him up." Checked out at 11:51 pm same night. No apology or follow up from management!

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