Le Montrose Suite Hotel
900 Hammond St
West Hollywood, CA 90069
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As General Manager of Le Montrose, I assure you that this was the first and only case of bed bugs we’ve had at Le Montrose. As a hotelier, we’ve seen numerous reports/articles regarding the alarming rate that bed bugs are on the rise, what to look for and how to deal with them; so when the guest reported his bites, we immediately reacted.

Myself, our Executive Housekeeper, and our Chief Engineer personally inspected the room. Much to our dismay, he was correct, there were de

finitely bed bugs. We immediately had our pest control company come out and check that suite, as well as surrounding suites and above/below suites. Thank goodness, the problem was confined only to his suite.

Because this guest was travelling with a group and had been on the road, most recently in Japan, coupled with the fact that we had no other incidents of bed bugs, and it was after the fourth night of his stay that there was any evidence of bed bugs, we concluded that he most probably brought them in his luggage. In an effort to contain the problem, we laundered the guests clothing and replaced his luggage. Everything was removed from his suite in plastic bags. His luggage, the linens, pillows, duvet cover & mattress were all disposed of. He was moved to another suite.

The original suite he occupied was out of order for 45 days, treated and inspected weekly by Steritech, the pest control company. Once the pest control company released the suite back to us, we then repainted, steam cleaned the carpet and drapes and purchased a new mattress and bedding.

In an effort to be proactive, rather than reactive, all members of our Housekeeping Department have watched instructional videos on the bed bug epidemic; they have been trained to inspect each mattress and surrounding areas when changing the linens. Because this was an isolated incident, in May, and we feel confident the incident traveled into our doors with the guest, it does not seem fair that we have this posting that could negatively impact our property for two years.

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I stayed at Le Montrose may 3-9 2010. I can't remember the room number. I woke up and was covered in bedbugs. I pulled my sheets back and I saw the small clear ones filled with blood and full grown ones as well. I pulled the matress of of the bed and it looked like there were a bunch living inside it. I notified the kind staff and they took it very seriously and they immediately shut my room down and called pest control and said that the room would be closed down for months. They were very ki

nd and said they would strip the room down to the floor boards and start over. They moved me to another room and I didn't find any bed bugs in that room. They replaced all my luggage and washed my clothes in hot water three times.

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