Best Western West Covina Inn
3275 E Garvey Ave N
West Covina, CA 91791-1708

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I woke up at Best Western Plus on 1/29/13 with 3 bites in a row on my face. I figured it was acne related even though im 36 and havent had acne for years. Later that evening i was sitting on the bed watching tv with my step daughter. All of a sudden she screamed due to the bug that ran off her leg. I caught the bug and did some research. According to pics and bite pattern pics online its a bedbug. I asked the manager if i could talk to him off to the side so no other guest checking in would hea

r us talk. I explained what happened only to be told no way its a bed bug. I tried to show him the bug but he wasnt hearing me or caring whatsso ever. He argued with me and then ended up saying he could only give us another room nothing else. I said i didnt ask for anything so whats his problem. He said forget it this isnt a hotel for you. I told him ive stayed there at least 10 nights the last 2 months and dont appreciate him treating me like a liar. He then said hell give me a refund for the other two nights i reserved but not the night i got the bites. what can i do?

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