Wasco Inn Motel
1126 Highway 46
Wasco, CA 93280-1302

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March 15, 2013 I am just now reporting this incident as I didn't know about this website. I retained bed bug bites all over my entire body by the same night after checking out of this place and had to seek a doctor's care at an Urgent Care Clinic in Palms Springs which is where I'd been heading when stopping off for the night to break my trip and rest. I reported Wasco Inn to the County Health Inspection Dept. and an official follow-up inspection and report was done on this place by them. My roo

m plus sev'l others that they were able to inspect ALL had live bed bugs + some even had live cockroaches present. YIKES!!! The County Inspector implied that if I'd stayed at the Wasco Best Western I might have avoided this awful experience??!! Judge for yourself.

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I was up in Wasco, CA, Sunday and there were two women who stayed at the Wasco Inn Motel (each in a different room) and both separately told me that they were bitten by bed bugs in the night. One said she saw them when she turned on the light next to her on the pillow. Neither one of them has a computer, so when I told them about your site, they asked me if I could report it for them.

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