Best Western Inn Scotts Valley
6020 Scotts Valley Dr
Scotts Valley, CA 95066-3234

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My 81 yr. old mother stayed in this BW on 11/16/2013. For the record, this BW allows dogs which my mother brought with her…she reported that before she feel asleep a "bug" bit her that left blood on pillow. That night she saw another one in bed. Next morning she took pillow down to front desk to report the bug problem. They went in room to check, but found no bugs. However they did credit her room stay.

This is the third time I've stayed at the hotel and the first time I spotted bed bugs on the second night. In the morning when I woke up (between 5 and 6 a.m.), in bathroom noticed a bed bug on my chest, after crushing it - it left a long trail of blood. There were also blood marks on the bed. I've checked out the same morning.

On first night there was also a strong industrial smell coming from outside, I wonder if it's from pesticides or something. I also noticed this smell during my previou

s visits.

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DATES: October 18 - 21, 2012

I woke up every morning of 3 nights with itchy bites all over my upper back, shoulders, arms and chest. At first they felt like mosquito bites, but then I realized that I had more each morning.

Then I thought they were fleas. However, I have had both flea and mosquito bites, but these have lasted 3 weeks and have itched like nothing else before.

My roommate did not have a problem, but I just read that not everyone is sensitive to the bite.

I called t

he hotel manager and they denied anyone else in the room I slept in having complained of bites. I suggested they call these guests and do a survey, not alerting anyone to a problem, but they refused.

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