Hostelling International
1434 2nd St
Santa Monica, CA 90401-2302

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Arrived November 5, 2009; checked in 9 pm and assigned to Bed 1 in Room 414. Noticed mattress had been removed and someone had stored make-up and personal effects inside bed frame. Several girls already in room. Went out, stopped by desk to report mattress missing. Returned 1 am; mattress was in bed frame, but not made up with sheets/pillow case lying folded on top. Next morning, noticed 1 bite on my index finger itching like crazy. Made up bed, went out all day, then slept in same bed. Next day

, November 7, woke up covered in bites--29 total. Arms and legs covered with hideous welts; itching was pure misery and bruises developed around them. Stopped at front desk, showed receptionist horrible red welts and she argued they were mosquitos. Told her there were no mosquitos in Santa Monica--no stagnant water. Said she'd have maid look at bed, but when I saw maid in hall she acted like she didn't know what I was talking about. Maid horrified when I showed her the bites. Returned from another itchy miserable day out, and front desk had changed my room. No further problems in new room, but the itching and welts lasted over three weeks. At check-out, November 9, manager offered me $15 discount. Back home, wrote to national office (Hostel International), sent photos of ugly red welts and got full refund. Horrible experience and sad because it was once my favorite hostel. Obviously, whoever removed mattress first time was aware problem existed. Lack of communications caused me to suffer needlessly.

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Feb 12-17 2010 Room 312

I stayed at the hostel with a group from school. I didn't get any bites the first few nights. Through out my stay I got a few bites, but then I was my last night when I gotten bitten a lot, mostly on my arms, rists, legs and face. It was very unpleasant. Unfortunately I wasn't the only one who got bitten a few other classmates in another room were bitten as well.

Wednesday November 18, 2009
Room 208 Bed 5
Spent the first night in room 315, bed 1 - no bedbugs bites
Asked room change due to elevator noise in room 315
Was moved to room 208 bed 5
On November 18 I woke up covered with bedbug bites
I mentioned to the desk staff and she said they will wash the bed linens
I mentioned over lunch at a friend and she said the mattress(es) should be professionaly disinfected not just change the linen
I brought this up when I returned and another desk staff m

ade a note of it, and that they had bug infestations like 3 times this year. It did not sound like the matresses were desnfected at earlier times.
I have over 12 bites on my rigth arm, three in my left hand and two in each ankle, plus others elsewhere that I wil find when showering.
A pretty unpleasant experience.

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