619 Riverside Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95060-5125

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On 08/25/2011 I captured a 2nd instar nymph and 1 adult bedbug from the pillow seams of my bed. I showed the specimens to the owner and asked for a bedbug-free room. He gave me a freshly renovated room, in which I eventually also found a crushed bug and dried blood on bedsheet.I checked out after second discovery. He told me that he continued to rent out the infested room(s) without attempting to exterminate the insects. Later, I read reviews of the hotel dating as early as 2008 which stated tha

t there were infestations and that the owner was rude when confronted. He was cooperative with me, but I don't recommend the hotel because it is grungy and infested. The room rate was $55(weekdays)-$99(Weekends).

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