Ramada Limited Santa Cruz Water Street
516 Water St
Santa Cruz, CA 95060-4113

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Ramada Limited at 516 Water Street in Santa Cruz is infiltrated with BED BUGS! I was victimized and have bites all over my body and face! The owners will try and tell you that they were unaware, but this is a lie as there are many postings as far back as July! They don't care about you, the pain the bugs inflict that continues for a long time, the stress it causes, the expense of cleaning all items, destroying your new luggage and new lap top computer, the nice leather bags that you have to t

reat or throw away that you just purchased, or the tons of bites that you have all over your body that everyone can see because even long sleeves can't hide them all! They don't care that it occurred many times before and that you and your family suffer. It is all about them lying and making money off of unsuspecting people and their total lack of social consciousness all to make money for their own pocket. I was there for the week of November 8th, 2010 and know they have postings that I could find relating to bed bug infestation dating back to the summer. Don't be a victim like I and so many others have been.

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On July 31, we stayed in room 107. When we woke up at 7:15 am, we happened to catch 4 bed bugs in our beds and watched 2 others escape. We gave the 4 in a cup to the front desk, who swore they didn’t know they had bed bugs (although just now I see a report on this site from July 26th - so that confirms they were lying). They did quickly offer to return half of our $230 paid for the one night stay.

We ended up with almost 100 bites on the 4 of us. My 6 year old had the worst bite marks

with 36 welts on his face, arms and legs. - Several of which have still not healed fully, months later.

Horrible Experience.

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On July 26.2010 We checked in. I went into room and started my check. I put my purse on the table. Pulled the left corner of the bed back, and there it was a big one on the sheet. My husband put it on a piece of paper and we took it to the office. He gave us another room. I went to check that one Which was on a diffent block. I went into that room and moved the pillow and there was Three little ones moving around. we left
I will say the man in the office was very nice and tried to help us find

a room somewhere else.

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