Capri Motel Santa Cruz
337 Riverside Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95060-5523

Found 2 reports:

Stayed in room 132 (same room as "Payne" above) on October 22, 2010. I noticed the bugs just prior to turning in for the night. There was no way I could sleep in there and doubted management would have an uninfested room. I ended up trying to sleep in my car. The room was paid for through an online agency so getting a refund should be extremely difficult. I wish we had known about this registry earlier.

In town (Santa Cruz) for a grauation with family members. I stayed in room 132 nights of June 11 and 12,2010. I keep waking up thru the night because it felt like something was crawling on me, in the morning I saw very small blood stains on my pillow but thought I might have bled a little because I shaved before bed. The next night June 12,2010 I slept with clothes on and still felt like something was crawling on me only this time I turned the lights on and pulled the covers back and again saw b

lood stains from where I had been bitten and saw actual bugs, killed a few, took pictures of the bedbugs and also shot video of mobile bugs in bed. I Reported it to management and they would not come to my room to see but stated they do not have a bedbug problem. THEY ARE IN DENIAL !!!

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