Bay Front Inn Santa Cruz
325 Pacific Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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We checked in Sat.12/28/13 room 128 for 1 night stay. It is a 2 queen room. My boys ages 6 and 7 slept on the bed close to bathroom. In the morning my 7 year old complained of pain and itchiness on his arms. I had him take off his pjs and noticed big red welts on both his arms! He did not fall asleep with me so I assume from pictures of bed bug bites that this is what caused it. I will be taking him to his pediatrician tomorrow.

Myself and 3 others checked into 1 room with 2 beds on the first level. When we walked in the door we noticed a musky smell. One of the guys in the group pulled back to covers to check the cleanliness and noticed 2 black specks on the bed. When we looked closer we noticed it was bed bugs. We left the room asap. When we asked for our refund the clerk said "we get inspected by the city every month and we actually passed this month". He didn't seem too concerned about the bed bugs in the

room, he just refunded our money. When we checked into a hotel room down the street we ran into 2 other groups that had just left this location for the same reason.

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My classmate and I both got rooms at this motel when we came to visit UCSC for an academic conference in November (2009). I don't have the room numbers, but we both stayed for two nights. My room was fine (a first floor room near the pool), but my classmate got eaten alive by bedbugs in his (a second floor room in the middle row facing the pool).

At the time, we didn't know what they were; he showed me what he thought were "ticks" in his bed, and squished one and a bunch of blood went eve

rywhere. I didn't think it looked like any tick I'd ever seen, and anyway, ticks don't pop that easily. Turns out it was bedbugs. He was covered in the worst itchy rash for days, all over his legs and arms and back, even his feet.

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