Mason Beach Inn
324 W Mason St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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Stayed here in November 2011 on the 2nd floor. Terrible night trying to sleep due to itching. Found several bed bugs on the mattress and had the housekeeping department verify the bugs. No manager was available, apparently the owner is hard to work and doesn't care about quality ( a few staff members shared this with us). The owner would not discount our room and failed to call us back. Don't stay here or at least not on the 2nd floor the staff said its infested in several rooms and the own

er refuses to throw out the mattresses!!!!

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I stayed at Mason Beach Inn for Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-30th, 2011. We arrived on Friday night and and went to bed right away. The next morning I woke up with 12 itchy bites on my left forearm, left wrist, left hip, right forearm, and right shoulder. The bite locations were in the typical bed bug pattern of 2-3 bites in a line. I tried not to worry right away (I've had an experience with bed bugs before and they are a NIGHTMARE) but as the day progressed, the bites go

t more and more prominent. The next day they were painful, swollen, and turned into large oozy boils. My skin is sensitive to bug bites and can at times have allergic reactions. So it's possible my husband and two small children (under 4) got bitten as well and they just don't have reactions to the bites like I do. I've always been the bug decoy in my family because bugs always find me first. I must have sweet blood.

Anyway, we were so busy with a wedding we were there for that I didn't get a chance to ask for a room change until Sunday morning. That Saturday night I didn't sleep at all but attempted to sleep for a couple hours in the bed my daughter slept in because it was as far as possible from the spot I was sleeping in the night before.

On Sunday morning, the hotel staff was not helpful. They didn't even care to look at my bites, just whisked us upstairs for a room search with a couple members of the hotel cleaning staff. They didn't find anything that looked like bed bug evidence but they also weren't able to check behind a picture frame above my side of the bed or behind an outlet on that side. She did find two dead spiders in the bed (gross!), and seemed to think that was sufficient. I so wish the bites were from spiders because then I wouldn't have to worry about bringing bed bugs home with me. The hotel staff gave us a new room to stay in. Believe me, if there was vacancy elsewhere in town, we would have preferred to switch hotels but being Memorial Day weekend, a lot of hotels were booked up all three days.

Of course the biggest problem about Mason Beach Inn was that the hotel staff did not care about the bed bug issue. Therefore, we're never going back and absolutely do NOT recommend this hotel. Bed bugs can come home with you in your luggage so I have a lot of work ahead of me today (just got back last night) to inspect and very thoroughly clean everything. If it turns out we did bring the bugs home with us, it will be a very costly, lengthy, and traumatic process to get rid of them.

I feel for the hotel industry because of the current bed bug epidemic. I understand it's hard to keep them out of your facilities what with lots of travelers coming through and spreading the bugs. However, I would expect the hotel staff to act like they care about their guests, take ownership of the problem, apologize, assure us they will take the necessary precautions (ie bed bug dog inspection, pest control company inspection), and give us some or all of our money back. Because they didn't do any of these things, I strongly urge you avoid this hotel, especially room 211, like the plague. I saw on trip adviser that there have been 2 complaints about bed bugs in the past, and one was just last month. I wish I'd known that before we stayed here! Read it for yourself: http://www.tripadvisor...

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