Lemon Tree Inn
2819 State St
Santa Barbara, CA
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Me and 3 friends stayed in Room 339 of the Lemon Tree Inn on Saturday, 3/12/11. We checked out the next afternoon(Sunday) and went home. By Tuesday morning we were all complaining of waking several times in the night for no apparent reason. One of the girls even got sick and stopped coming to work for two days. Another girl developed small red bites on her skin. On Wednesday night I felt a bite myself. The next day we encased our mattresses/box springs, shampooed all our carpets and washed/dryed

all our bedding, clothes, pillows, etc on high heat. We were fortunate enough to have handled it ourselves without having to pay a couple thousand dollars per home to remedy the situation. We called The Lemon Tree Inn to not only ask for some kind of compensation, but more importantly, let them know there was a problem so that future guests would not be plagued with this not only irritating, but potentially harmful issue.

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