Ala Mar Motel
102 W Cabrillo Blvd
Santa Barbara, CA 93101-3505

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My husband and I stayed at this hotel this summer while on vacation. It appeared to be PERFECT! Super cute room and right across the street from the beach! It didn't get great reviews from sites like TripAdvisor or, but we decided that we'd give it a try overnight and see what we thought the next day, we were going to stay in Santa Barbara for 3 nights. We slept great and the next day we woke up and decided that we'd book two more nights at this hotel. The next evening there was a

lot of commotion in the middle of the night but we thought it was just late night arriving guests. Next morning talking to our new neighbors we discovered that they had bedbugs in their room. They took us into the room and sure enough one big nasty very full bedbug on the bed and several small blood stains on the sheets. We were shocked because we'd already stayed 2 nights without incident. Needless to say we went back into our room and examined our bed. We saw nothing and felt confident enough that our room was clear and we'd rest easy. Well the next morning as we were packing up our belongings to head home under my pillow I see a fresh blood stain and then we see the bedbugs!!!! We were horrified! We let the staff know and they were very nice and understanding and they gave us credit for 1 night. Well on our way home I did research on what to do if you find bedbugs in your hotel room and how to take precautions that you don't bring them into your house.... Let me tell you had I known it was going to take us 3+ hours to wash, bag, dry, wipe down etc I would have insisted on them crediting the whole stay. What a pain in the butt! And not a great way to spend your last day of vacation! What a sucky experience! Makes my head itch just writing this!!!

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