Best Western Royal Oak Hotel
214 Madonna Rd
San Luis Obispo, CA

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The first night here, room 343, I didn't get any bites but my boyfriend got three bites. We weren't sure what they were from so we didn't do much but the next night we both got bitten! The nights we stayed were August 2nd and August 3rd 2013. When we got back home we threw all our clothes in the laundry but not every single thing could be washed. Electronics, toiletries, shoes, jewelry, etc. I don't know but I think something must have been missed because two days later, back home, I am finding

new bites! I am at my wits' end and I'm so worried!

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stayed 11/4/12 throughj 11/8/12....I woke up my first morning with approximately 20 bites on me. At the time I thought they were mosquito bites. The next day I had almost 40!! I showed the guy at the front desk, asking about mosquitos in the area. When he saw the bites on my hand he all of a sudden looked concerned and got my room number (207). When i returned from work that night i had noticed someone had been in my room even though i had the do not disturb sign up, meaning he obviously knew wh

at the bites were and had my room checked. I also started vomiting that night in what I thought was unrelated to the bites. The following day (still vomiting) I counted a total of 53 bites on my body and told a family member and sent a picture of my hand where i had 10 bites (same hand I showed the front desk) and he said those are NOT mosquito bites they look like bed bug bites. I immediately started researching. All symptoms and bite patterns matched but upon checking my mattress i saw no physical evidence of the bugs although i read they can travel through electrical sockets and hide behind paintings, headboards, and footboards. So all this means is the infestation wasnt severe YET!! I checked out the next morning after not sleeping all night for obvious reasons, but why switch to another room which most likely had them too!! i asked for a trash bag to wrap my luggage in, went to work, then drove 6 hours home. I immediately took off everything i was wearing including shoes and socks and put them in a plastic bag and threw it outside and took a hot shower, exhausted and happy to be in a bug free environment. The next day I went to wash all clothes in extra hot water and dry on hot. As I emptied my clothes into the washer I found a few of the bugs (EWWWWW) they are much bigger than I thought!!! So they had gotten into my luggage and come home with me!! i called an extreminator. I contacted the hotel to discuss reimbursement for the exterminator and they did not call me back for 3 days. Then said all they were going to do was hand it over to the insurance company. Did not seem overly concerned at all.I asked her if there had been other reports of bed bugs she said just one over the summer, but there wasnt a hotel in the area that hadnt been hit with them (GROSS). She also stated they can only be killed by extreme heat, so it didnt sound as if they were going to have the room sprayed at all!!!! I am aware some have becom resistant to pesticides but could they not at least try to get rid of them by spraying? So im not sure if there is a way to cncentrated 120+ degree heat into a room. But hotel goers beware!! no wonder they are all over if hotels dont care when they are found in there rooms!!!!! Needless t say since i now have to deal with an insurance company, I doubt I will see any reimbursement for my discomfort,, money, or time.

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