Wyndham San Jose
1350 N 1st St
San Jose, CA 95112

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Stayed in mid-February for 3 nights. Got a few bites on the first night, and during the second night realized that bed bugs was the problem. Got a new room and sent all my clothes to get laundered. They comped my room and laundry, but my employer would have paid that anyway. Had an allergic reaction to the bites on the third night. I basically got no sleep for the entire stay and it was awful.

Found one bed bug on a fresh towel in a fourth-floor room. Had conflicting reports from the staff on whether or not this floor would be renovated, things like wear and tear and peeling wallpaper suggested that this room needed it or was going to get it. Besides this single insect, no others were found in the room, had no bite marks. Checked the bed several times and found no evidence of bed bugs or bed bug feces.

I was in this hotel for two nights. I found out two itch "bites" after the first night. One was on the finger, one was on the neck. I did not pay attention to them. After the second night, I surprisingly found out that I had six more bites on my two fingers, elbow, and neck. I was not sure they were bed bug bites for other insect bites. But it did make my stay very unpleasant. Watch out if you plan to stay at this hotel.

I stayed at this location on the night of July 21, 2011. I did not check for bed bugs as I had a trust developed because I have never experienced a bed bug infestation in the past. On the morning of the 22nd when I awoke, I made a phone call as I laid in the bed and upon completing my phone call I rose up and leaned forward, that is when a bug caught my attention from the corner of my peripheral so I glanced over and saw a bug. Not certain what it was, I leaned in for a closer view. I happened t

o watch a documentary on the parasites a couple months ago so I was ab le to recognize it when I saw it. The first one I saw on top of the comforter was pretty big and dark in color. I used my finger to press on it and it ruptured squirting blood on the comforter. At that point I was disgusted and jumped out of the bed. I pulled the sheets back and sure enough there were more under the sheets along with blood stains. I was extremely disgusted and called the hotel management right away. He did not come up to view for himself but rather assured that they would have someone come out to verify the infestation, which I striked odd. Somehow, sleeping amongst these creatures for several hours, miraculously I managed to not get bitten.

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