Motel 6
2560 Fontaine Rd
San Jose, CA

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Sept/29/2013-My daughter woke up with bites over her legs and arms. appeared minimal, but by the time I picked her up from daycare and got home(7:30 pm) all the bites were now swollen, beat red, and I was able to see they were all over her body. She was very itchy and the bites were looking raised, and very red, some appeared to blister. took her immedietly to the e.r, confirmed that she had bug bites, and she was having an allergic reaction. took her to dr next day just to confirm the same thin

g. it is now 10/02/2013 and NO WORD FROM MOTEL 6 on how they plan to help us. My poor baby is only 2 and a half years old! She is miserable and is suffering immensely and hasnt been able to sleep. I personally brought all our papers from e.r. , as well as from her dr. stating what the bites were and that she was having a reaction, and all the receipts for her meds that I had to pay for, to the property manager yesterday and as of 2:16pm 10/02/2013 I have heard NOTHING back. all i got was my MONEY BACK (they gave me a guest certificate for one night...which is literally me getting a refund, couldnt even comp a night !) manager was not even apologetic, nor concerned, and didn't really seem to take it too serious. Should they not reply soon, or take action, I'll be getting a lawyer as soon as possible.

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This hotel definitely has bed bugs!I've killed several at this point. They didn't start coming out of hiding until we turned all the lights off, just had the light from my laptop and the TV on (that's how they work, I now know thanks to the internet). I now have all lights on (at 4am) in hopes that they won't come out, but a few still have.

Bedbugs were found in both beds in our room. I took one up to the desk to let them know, and we were asked to leave the hotel. Horrible experience.

i think there are bedbugs ive been staying since feb 3,2011 and the first night i fell asleep i woke up with bites all over my legs and now todays the 5th and im getting tons on my arms.

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