Comfort Suites San Jose Airport
1510 N 1st St
San Jose, CA 95112-4822

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We checked into the Comfort Suites on March 17,2012 and were given room 309. We checked the beds for signs of bedbugs and found none. A check of the room didn't turn up any signs of bedbugs either. However, a few hours later we discovered a bedbug crawling across the bed. I immediately took it to the front desk and we were moved to room 317. While gathering up our things to move we found another bedbug crawling on the same bed. After moving our things to the new room I returned to make sur

e we hadn't left anything behind. That's when I noticed a third bed bug crawling on the wall opposite the beds. We checked out the next morning and were given a 20% discount off the room. We don't appear to have picked up any of the little critters, thank God.

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