The Powell Hotel
28 Cyril Magnin St
San Francisco, CA

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Visited in mid-October. Stayed in room for several hours, sitting on couch and took a nap in the bed. Within 5-6 hours noticed bug bites on ankles and legs. Very painful/itchy. Staff immediately provided refuned, and agreed to dry-clean my clothes and steam clean my suitcase. Staff was actually great about it, and i got my clothes back the next day (on a Sunday). Took clothes home and kept in the outside storage area of apartment, and will systematically re-wash everything. TBD if I manag

ed to keep them out of my house - I hope so this happened to me 5 years ago, and I lost several thousand dollars worth of furniture and clothes, and my house was sprayed three times with poison, including my pillows and mattress! Not a fun experience, but at least the staff and management here reduced the pain and made it really easy to work with them.

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I stayed at this hotel in a room on the 3rd floor in August 2014.

I live in Southern California, but I was visiting San Francisco and needed a hotel for 1 night. Hotel was a bit old, but it seemed ok. Slept very well after having 2-3 drinks with a friend.

It wasn't until I got home the next day that I noticed my arms started to itch, but it was mild. On the day after I got home, I woke up with hives on both of my arms and one leg and I was itching uncontrollably.

I did not see any bed b

ugs with my own eyes, but the pattern of the hives (clusters of 3 in zig zag path) is indicative of bed bugs. I am still dealing this this. :( I never thought it could happen to me, but it did.

If you have to stay here, make sure you inspect the bed for bed bugs.

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stayed at the Powell Hotel in February 2014
When we got there we checked the beds. A few seconds later we saw bed bugs on the wall climbing from behind the bed head.

My husband and at least one of his colleagues got bedbug bites at the Powell when they were there in mid-November at the Salesforce convention.

We stayed in room 610 Friday October 25, 2013.

When I got home, I awoke on Sunday morning with 30+ bites on my face, ear, neck, chin, shoulder, left arm and stomach. I went to Urgent Care to find out what the bites were, and was told they were bed bugs! I had an exterminator come out to check my house for bugs and spray my room, furniture and bed... and it cost me $250. That's nothing compared to the discomfort and trauma caused b

y being bitten!

My roommate was also devoured with bites. She had it all over her legs, arms, neck, face, and shoulders.

The exterminator said the hotel room must be infested, based on the number of bites I got, and they need to PERMANENTLY close that room off.

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Early October, Room 612. Woke up at 3am and found a bed bug. Put bug into plastic cup and brought to front desk clerk. Hotel clerk could have cared less. Request for management to return my call has been ignored (two weeks on). Though they moved me to a different room, the only room was on the same floor, and the desk clerk stated, "We cannot guarantee that any room is bed bug free".

AS appears common, several days after my visit, several (approx. 15) bites showed up on m

y lower right leg, primarily on my lower calf and foot, incredibly itchy, and upon appearance began an allergic reaction requiring cortisone and benadryl. Bites are still red/visible.

DO NOT STAY HERE. I so no visible special effort to clean/sanitize the room ... just the regular maid the next morning.

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Woken up by bed bug on my neck - huge thing that left blood spatter on the pillow. My body has numerous large bites but the worst thing is these guys are all massive and mobile. I turned around to see them crawling up the wall behind the bed.

I called reception and they moved me to another room - after I insisted (they offered to change the sheets instead!!!! Not good enough). I didn't pay for the night but they didn't have a fumigation service in the hotel for luggage (only a

12 hour service outside of the hotel which is no good if you need to leave..).

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I checked in on January 6, expecting to stay four nights while in SF for work. Hotel was rated 3 stars by our corporate travel site. Woke up in the morning, threw back the sheets and saw a bug scurrying away. I picked it up and it bloodily exploded in my fingers. I packed up immediately, went downstairs and told them I wasn't paying for room and checking out. The desk clerk admitted this has happened before, and blamed it on "people from all over the world coming to visit San Francisco." It's

an ongoing problem and absolutely avoid this place. Never mind the hotel is in a general state of disrepair. I can't believe this place was rated 3 stars!

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1/8/13. Stayed in room 521. In bed and woke up startled to find 3 bed bugs crawling on the pillows. Disgusting! Immediately packed my bags and insisted on a full refund. Desk clerk was not surprised by my bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs found 12/21/12. Opened the mattress and found eggs in the sheets.

December 20, 2012

My girlfriend made reservations for 2 rooms with a three night (12/20/2012-12/23/2012) via, for a good deal in downtown San Francisco.

We checked into 612 (our second room(for her parents) was 614, but had no bedbugs) and had no previous knowledge of bedbugs. However for some reason one of the most instant searches on for The Powell hotel was "Powell hotel bedbugs."

My curiosity got the better of me I clicked it and I found this website with the

Powell's reputation along with it.

I read all about the Powell's history while laying in bed our first night. And after reading about others recent experiences I swear I felt stuff moving in my bed...

We woke the next morning with no trouble. As we vacationed throughout the day however, my girlfriend noticed some itchy bites on her arms and fingers. At lunch she pointed to some bites on my neck (which weren't itchy, I just corpulent see them). At the time I didn't want to scare her so I reasoned to search my room later that night.

We returned to the hotel late, and saw heavy duty cleaners cleaning the rooms across from 612. A bad sign.

Upon entering my room I immediately stripped the bed and began my search... Sadly I found what looked to be a second or third instar nymph on the mattress pad near the top of the bed.

My girlfriend freaked out and we put the bedbug into a cup and took it down to the front desk. To request a refund.

The desk host (like others mentioned) did not seem too surprised and was willing to work with us and (who don't give refunds lightly). We received full refunds for both rooms, and checked out and moved to another hotel that same night.

While packing our bags (to leave the hotel), we noticed movement on the wall above headboard. It was a adult bedbug full of blood. What we can only assume was a good meal provided by us.

We video recorded this bedbug, put him in another cup and left him at the front desk on the way out.
You can see our short video on my youtube channel.

After this (my first) bedbug experience I wont reserve another hotel without checking this registry again.

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I checked in on 10/29/12. I was staying in room 626, On the 4th day in the room I was waking up and caught a glimps of a brownish bug the size of a tic tac crawling across my sheet so I squashed it and it popped with bright red blood on the sheet. The thing freaked me out, I hadn't seen a bed bug before so when I googled it the bug in question matched the results. I started checking the mattress, I didn't see more but it looked like there was signs of them because there was feces in the seams ne

ar the head board.

I went downstairs to talk to the front desk they didn't seem surprised but they were urgent in getting me out of that room and into another. When I went upstairs to pack my stuff the cleaning lady was there. I showed her the bug to her, she seemed to agree and told me to leave it alone.

I started checking the new room but didnt see anything but they're probably some where hiding and waiting.

I checked yelp and saw a report of someone saying there was a bed bug infestation. Then came across this site.

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I stayed in room 326 from 9/30/12 to 10/3/12. The room had many bedbugs which I saw on both beds, floor and the bathroom. During my stay I would see a bug on occasion, but didn't really put it together that they were bed bugs until 10/3/12. I was up late working on my computer (which was sitting on the bed)and that is when I saw the infestation I had been sleeping in the previous nights. I gathered some up into a cup, packed up my things and went to speak to the manager. The manager wasn't

available until morning so they wanted to park me in another room right next to 326. I refused and so they put me in room 601. I did not see bugs in this room, but I did not sleep in the bed. The next morning I checked out and later got a call from the manager who apologized without really apologizing. My hotel bill was reduced, but I ended up throwing away my suitcase and anything else in which bedbugs may have been transported. If you stay in this hotel, make sure you thoroughly check for what I now know as the tell tale signs of bed bugs. Better yet, stay somewhere else.

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Stayed in room 327. Found bugs. Got bitten. Gross.

I stayed at the Powell Hotel from sept. 7, 2012 to sept 13, 2012. It was awful. We stayed in room 314 and on day 5 I found a bed bug in my bed. I scooped it up and took it down to the front desk. They did not seem very surprised. The guy at the desk said to pack up our stuff and they would move us to a different room. We were moved to room 327 for our last night. The next morning, I could see bed bugs running up the wall behind my bed. There was blood on my sheets. I could not get out of

there fast enough. DO NOT STAY THERE!!! I was totally freaked out. A very bad experience. I told them at the desk when I checked out about room 327, but the guy was happy to charge me the full price and made no apologies. DO NOT STAY THERE.

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This was back in February. I turned on the bathroom light to see a COCKROACH chillin on my boyfriend's deodorant. This thing was massive - it took up the span of the entire deodorant lid. The plus side is that I took a great picture and got a lot of attention on Facebook. The downside is there was a COCKROACH IN OUR BATHROOM!! Ewwwww. I screamed and made my boyfriend kill the creature. When I told the guy at the front desk about this, he just shrugged and wrote down our room number.

We'd read

about the place having bedbugs shortly after checking in (darn), so slept with the lights on each night to scare them away. We stayed two nights and I refused to shower. (he showered, but the water took forever to warm up). Gross.

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I checked into the Powell on July 5, 2012. I checked out later that night after finding bed bugs swarming in the bed. The desk clerk was merely going to move me to another room just down the hall- he didn't seem that concerned. I insisted they find me another hotel and refund my stay, which they did.

I got into another hotel just down the street that was MUCH nicer (and cheaper!).

We stayed at the Powell Hotel in the last week of June 2012. After two nights in our room on the 5th floor my daughter noticed bites on her neck and arm. Then I found a huge bloated bed bug on her mattress.The area to the back of the bed frame was very dirty and no doubt this lack of cleanliness contributed to the problem.I reported it to the main desk and we were moved immediately to a suite.I got the impression this was not an unusual occurrence. A shame because it's otherwise a charming hotel

in a fantastic location and with very friendly staff.

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Had heard about the problem and mgmt said they had taken care of it. Saw the evidence of previous bedbugs in the room but after checking the linens it seemed fine.
Right as I was going to sleep I felt something on my face grabbed it and took it to the bathroom. It definitely was one. Couldn't sleep the rest of the night.
Got this room thru Hotwire so I couldn't check ahead of time.

Stayed here in October 2011 for Fleet week. Got the room at a good price via Priceline so we couldn't cancel. Inspected the room as soon as we got in it and found evidence of bed bugs behind the headboard. We also found someones prescription muscle relaxer! Got up early in the am to use the bathroom and my gut instinct to check the foot of the bed was right on. There were 3 bedbugs in bed with us! I took pictures for evidence. Unfortunately, the hotel was booked so we couldn't move rooms

and we couldn't go to another hotel. We kept all of our things off the floor and luckily did not bring any home with us. I would NOT stay here again. It is an old hotel and there is no way they'd ever be able to get rid of them.

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We attempted to stay at the Powell on April 15, and stupidly didn't check this site first because we figured the hotel was "too expensive" to have bedbugs. The staff was nice. The location was good. The experience was pretty much negated when we found bedbugs crawling on the pillows just as we were about to go to sleep. The weirdest part was, the staff did not seem surprised at all. They offered to move us to another room, but we wanted to just leave and they were OK with that, too, especially o

nce we showed them bedbugs had been reported on this site in our very room (#333) a few days before. We packed up our sleeping child and left at 1 a.m. and drove 3 hours home; it was so disgusting we couldn't sleep. The weirdest part was, there was only one room "available at this price via Priceline." When they offered to switch our room, we asked if it would have the same problem and they said no. I wonder if #333 is the Bedbug Suite? On the plus side, they said they wouldn't charge us for our "stay." I hope they resolve their bedbug issue, because they seem like nice people, but we certainly won't be staying here again.

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I found this hotel listed on this site the day before we were to check-in. I didn't want to book at another hotel and have to pay more, so I made sure to look at the bed as soon as I got in. They have these covers on the matresses so I couldn't really look directly at it, but anyway I didn't see any. No bites during the night. However I saw one crawling on our pillow while getting ready the next morning. We presented it to the front desk and they offered to switch rooms but

we we're checking out that morning anyway. I doubt switching rooms would've help. This place is infested I know it. It sucks cause everything else was nice about the hotel. My husband found one crawling on his neck in the car on the way home. Now I'm scared that our place might get infested even though we made sure to throw everything in the washer/dryer or freezer. I'm scared they'll breed in my car or garage and then eventually get it.

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100% sure that this place has bed bugs. I saw the bug. Not traces or evidence of the bug -- I saw the bed bug itself. I was bitten at least 20 times on my face, back, neck, arms, and hand.

Got moved from one infested room to another.

I recently stayed at The Powell Hotel on the 3rd floor. The first night's room (333) my forearm got bit several times. It has been a couple weeks and the bites are still prevalent - visible red bumps that still itch. Luckily I was able to get moved to room 331 after this but that room was no better. In that room the back of my neck was attacked.

Hopefully I've managed to keep them out of my house by keeping my bag in a cold entranceway a

nd only brining things into the house to put directly into the washing machine (fingers still crossed).

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December 3, 2011

We had heard about bedbugs in this hotel, so gave our room a thorough search. We found bedbugs right away, hanging out near the headboard. The whole city was booked because of a conference, so we had to stay at the Powell.

They put us in a different room, and--luckily--we didn't find any bugs and had no bites after staying for several days.

No one else staying in the hotel mentioned any problems with bedbugs, either.

I am staying in this hotel until tomorrow. Got about 50 bites, killed one and asked for a different room... The most disgusting thing in my life.

Continued _ 8/4/2011 so I am finding these bugs and saving them in a bag that came from us staying at the Powell hotel, we are frantically washing and vacuuming everything....I just got bit while nursing my baby on the couch, and my husband saw it run across the floor at our house in bend sol upset and scared!! We look up how to get rid of them and I guess pesticides don't kill the actual bug...and vaccumes don't kill them either....awe...what a NIGHTMARE!!

August 4, 2011, my husband and 9 month old baby girl stayed on the 6th floor room 663 for one night and I didn't get bit myself, my husband did, he thought to himself it must of been a skeeter bite....the room was fairly cheap 88$ and the hotel its self seemed really nice for the price...and when my husbands dad booked the placei said make sure there's no bed bugs....I should of looked online myself...and his dad said no establishment would ever have such a gut instincts were right...

.because we drove home to our house in bend Oregon to find us getting strange initial thought oh no...bed bugs....I guess a bug can live up to a year off of one feeding and can continue to lay eggs everyday!!!! My husband and I are both covered in bites....and our 3 story house is now infested!! I called the manager frances and he was very nice, and said he would reimburse the 88$ but now I've got to clean and vaccume and get an exterminator in our house....going to see if they will pay for that...but man...I wish I would of looked it up on my phone before staying there.....its a near 88 deg here and im sure they are on every floor......I know that sf is an old city and sf is to blame...but man what a pain.....I will post again later to see what else the hotel will do for such an inconvenience! !!!

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We checked into the Powell Hotel July 11, 2011. We had a room block of 10 rooms for 4-5 days. Myself and one other member of my team had bed bugs in our rooms.

I moved my room 3 times and was still getting bitten. The red/brown stains on the sheets were proof positive for me even though I saw just one crawling on my shoulder.

The hotel staff were matter-of-fact about the whole thing.

It was an awful experience and we will not be staying at the Powell next year!

I checked in on Sat 21st May 2011 and woke up on Sunday 22nd with a lot of bites and very itchy. I thought it was mosquito bites initially or an allergic reaction.
I got some ItchX cream and the next day I was WORSE.
I was on the 3rd floor in room 334.
On the Monday I got moved to the 6th Floor and I have noticed it has continued. I got hydrocortisone cream and have been using that, but noticed that I am getting more bites each day.

I am returning back to the UK on Saturday and decided to

research this and came across this website and felt I had to port this.

I am about to go get some antibiotic cream as well now and will Complain to the front desk - but I doubt it will do any good.

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I stayed on the 3rd floor of the Powell and found a bedbug crawling on the bed on the morning of 5/17/11. I took a video of it in case anyone needs any confirmation.

I don't think I was bitten, but I immediately asked to switch rooms. I was moved to the second floor, and I didn't have any more incidents during my stay.

However, I woke up this morning (5/26) with several itchy bumps that look like bites. I read online that bedbug bites can take up to 9 days to show symptoms depending on how

often you've been bitten in the past and how allergic you are. Since I'm not prone to allergies, I'm thinking I either carried bugs back with me (though I haven't shown any symptoms before now, and I carefully laundered everything when I got back), or I was bitten there and am only now showing signs of the bites.

I've done a thorough inspection of my bedroom, and if I brought back any bugs with me, this hotel is going to know about it. They claimed that they called in an exterminator, but considering the multiple posts here, I'm not so sure that's the case.

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May 21, 2011

We stayed at this hotel and both were bitten with bed bugs. They moved us to another room and we ended up getting more bites. Unfortunately we could not go anywhere else as several conventions were in town and all hotels were full. Though the hotel did pay for our clothes to be laundered, they did not compensate us for any medical attention we incurred or the fear of the possibility of going home and infesting our own place. Bed bugs used to be only a problem of infestation,

but now some are carriers of MRSA! Powell hotel has had problems over and over. Their hotel rooms are run down, mold in walls and not very clean. It is quite obvious that vacuuming is not well done as we found food and old sock in corner. Also edges of carpet is layered with dust...great environment for bed bugs. DO NOT STAY IN THIS HOTEL!

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First off, I haven't actually stayed here. But here's my story. I booked a large suite to hold a small cocktail hour for a bridal shower. Then I spotted the entries. Since it was late in the game, I didn't want to have to find a new suite downtown so I gave them a call, hoping to hear something like 'No miss, we no longer have a bedbug problem." Or at least, "You're on our suites floor where there are absolutely no bedbugs."

Nope. I was given the run around by the guy at t

he front desk, even though he did admit, under pressure, that they DO IN FACT have a bedbug problem in their hotel. Then he directed me to call the Manager, Francis, for details. I called Francis about 5 times over the course of three days. Never answered his phone. Never called me back. You'd think someone who is paying them an outrageous $500+ for one room for one night would get the courtesy of a 5 minute phone call to assuage any bedbug fears. Too much to ask, apparently. Needless to say, I cancelled my reservation this morning and will be taking my bridal party business to another hotel down the street, one without any entries and with a friendly and responsive hotel management team.

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I stayed at this hotel (along with 3 others) for 2 nights on March 22 and 23rd. I had heard of a bed bug problem in San Francisco so when I checked into the hotel, I asked if there had been any recent incidents. The person who checked me in essentially blew off my concerns and simply stated that if there was a bed bug problem, management would have taken care of it. As soon as I entered the room (on the 6th floor) I put my suitcase in the bathroom (I had heard it was the “safest”

place) and checked under the sheets. I didn’t see any bugs on the mattress or sheets so I thought maybe we would be spared. I was wrong though!! We slept there for 2 nights without any problems (no one had any noticeable bites or itching). However, on the 3rd morning, I noticed a bug crawling on the bed next to my friend who had slept in the other room. We weren’t sure if it was a bed bug so we covered it with the cup from the bathroom and called the front desk. The maintenance guy who came to our room confirmed it was a bed bug. I knew if there was 1, there would likely be more & I knew I couldn’t stay there any longer. While packing up my things, I noticed another one crawling on the bed I had slept on. I grabbed a tissue and when I squished it, it “exploded” like I read about! It left a stain on the sheets (gross!). The hotel was going to move us to a different room down the hall, but we all decided to leave & stay elsewhere. They did refund the $$, but that’s only a small consolation knowing that there’s a chance we all carried these nasty bugs home in our suitcases & other bags!! From the research I’ve done I have learned that bed bugs are like cockroaches- they are pretty resilient and hard to get rid of! I have been home for a week and still don’t feel 100% certain that I didn’t bring anything back with me. My suitcase is still sitting out on the back porch and will stay out there until I disinfect it with the bed bug spray I bought. I won’t stay anywhere else without consulting this registry and doing a thorough room check upon arrival. I would definitely think twice before staying at this hotel since they still have bed bug issues! It’s not worth the risk of potentially carrying these bugs back with you to your house!

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My husband and I stayed for one night, I believe we were on the third floor, and I woke up with bites all up my arm. I had quickly looked under the sheets when we dropped our bags in the room the previous evening, but hadn't seen anything so thought that I must have been bitten by something at the baseball game the night before. My husband left to get a paper in the morning, I took a shower, came out of the bathroom to see something crawling across the sheets. I grabbed a kleenex and squished

it - blood - that's when I knew it must be a bedbug. I started looking around the room and found four more crawling up the walls.
We contacted the manager and housekeeping was sent to our room; she said she was surprised, they don't have a bedbug problem (reading the reports on this site, it sounds like they know they have an infestation). We were reimbursed our room and valet charges, and left praying that we hadn't brought any with us. I wish we had checked this website before booking this hotel as it's definitely not worth the stress of dealing with bringing these bugs home.

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I only stayed at the Powell one night, but the next day I was covered head to toe in bites. I count 54 of them.

I am not 100% sure they are bedbugs because the symptoms could also fit fleas. However, my doctor said that she's certain they are insect bites, not a rash.

Regardless of what has me feeling sick and itching all over, I can't imagine a worse end to my vacation. Do not stay here.

I stayed at the Powell Hotel for two nights, December 11th and 12th, 2009. While packing to check-out, my boyfriend found a red bug in the sheets. When he squished it, it exploded with red blood. When I examined the sheets, I found traces of red blood. For the two nights we had slept there, bedbugs had been feasting on our bodies. I found red bites on my shoulders, arms, and back - and am still finding them three weeks later. When I came home, I bagged the suitcases, washed clothes on the

sanitize setting, and lysol'ed absolutely everything. However, since I am still finding bites, I have likely brought bedbugs home with me. This has ruined my holiday, and is becoming a huge expense. I have been incessantly washing, vacuuming, and dry-cleaning, and am about to call an exterminator.

When I called the hotel, the room director explained that the city of San Francisco is to blame. I have lived in the Bay Area my whole life and have never experienced such disaster. Also, he said our room was only "lightly infested". This means that the hotel knew our room had a bedbug problem, and allowed us to sleep there regardless. We were reimbursed for the room, but expense is nothing compared to the bills I am about to incur. Do not stay at this hotel.

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My colleague and I were staying in Room 301 between 22nd-27th October 2009 (5 nights). I was sleeping on the bed by the bathroom . We were visiting San Francisco for the American Academy of Ophthalmologists and the hotel was recommended by the Mosconi Center. The room had an aweful musty odour, furniture and soft furnishings looked tired and the carpet was in a terrible state. After the first night , I woke up with a very itchy rash. This deteriorated as the days went by and by the time I got

back to the UK, the rash was covering my entire body including my face. Uncertain of what was happening to my body, I was in a great deal of distress fearing the worst.The rash was so itchy and so unsightly that I was obliged to cancel all my clinics and research work. I saw a dermatologist who immediately and without any hesitation diagnosed bed bugs. I also have a report from the dermatologist as well as several dated photographs documenting my condition.
I believe that this is absolutely unacceptable and shocking!! Bed bug bites are known to be a source of transmission of Hepatitis B and Chagas disease which are both potentially fatal conditions. There have also been reports of death by anaphylactic shock in the unlucky few. However, what is even more appalling is that I have paid good money ($180/night) only to suffer this very horrific outcome which has caused me great distress and affected my productivity at the conference in San Francisco as well as affecting my work, my patients and my income. It has also essentially ruined what has been a very expensive and potentially rewarding trip to San Francisco.There is also a risk that the bed bugs may have been transported to my home in my suitcase with a hazard to all at home and a great deal of expense and hassle to eradicate.
I have reported this to the manager Mr Eric Williams who to date has not come back to me despite several reminders via email and post.

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We had bed bug bites on arms, legs and neck after staying here in October of 2006.

The hotel reimbursed 50% of our stay and responded with the following:

"I have been passed this email from our General Manager, but I would like to express my personal apology for this inconvenience as well. I can assure you that we will take extreme and thorough measures to prevent a recurrence and you make have faith that our housecleaning and maintenance practices are top-notch.

To be honest, we have

heard that many other hotels in the Bay Area have been dealing with this issue, and up until now, had considered ourselves fortunate that we had not been affected. Now, however, I can assure you that we take this seriously and will undertake a complete investigation to ensure that this is isolated and remedied."

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Recently (December 20th, 2008) stayed at the Powell hotel for a conference at the Moscone center. The hotel is in a great location and appears nice...however, by 11:30 pm on the first night (a mere 15 minutes after myself and the others in the room laid down to sleep) we were covered in BED BUGS! There were 3 of us, each in our own bed (room on the third floor, 312 I believe). We woke up suddenly with burning/itching hands and welts. We flipped the lights on and found what we feared most - small

red bugs crawling all over the pillows/sheets/headboards and even the walls! We took pictures and carried one of the bugs with us downstairs to show the manager. They moved us to a room on the 5th floor (room 524). Unfortunately, within 15 minutes the bugs showed up there too!! The whole hotel must be infested. It was about 1 am at this point and the three of us didn't think we should move out in the middle of the night. We slept on the floor (I "slept" in the closet). The next morning we moved to a new hotel. Luckily, management apologized and did not charge us for the room. I'm hoping they will also pay my 300 dollar dry cleaning bill. Don't stay here...bed bugs are really, really difficult to get rid of without months of drastic measures.

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