The Opal San Francisco
1050 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94109-6934

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My husband, four kids and I arrive to The Opal hotel on 02/26/15 while getting ready for bed at approximately 10:30 pm turn off the lights except the T.V my 14 Year old son got up so scared saying "what is that it's crawling on the sheets?" I get up and checked it looked like a roach I killed it and say to get back to bed. When I turn to check on my 3 year old baby I see about 5 tiny bugs crawling around her I kill them, as soon as my husband gets up goes to restroom when he gets back and checks

out what going on decides to check the bed and he sees bigger ones crawling on the wall quickly checks around the bed and finds 3 more but bigger kills them worse thing ever this bigger ones had blood it was so nasty I had never seen anything like this. I still yet not knowing what that was I go to the front desk and complain, the front desk lady said "oh don't you worry they are just bugs that fly and they get in when the window is open" I go back to the room take pictures of everything, my children dint want to go to bed or sleep then at about 11:00 decided to go back to front desk and ask them if there is anything Ells they can please do b/s my kids were scared and dint want to go back to sleep, so they said; "yes! I could move you to another room". But no I decided to get out of there ASAP, if bed bugs are in one room what makes you think they aren't in another? The generously made calls to other hotels for us to get a deal, but no! we decide to walk out in the middle of the night with my baby sleeping looking for another hotel and just hoping they don't have bed bugs!. The opal hotel is horrible nasty and really very dirty.

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