The Donatello
501 Post St
San Francisco, CA

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The Club Donatello has never had an incident of bed bugs since we replaced all of our mattresses over 5 years ago.

When we had the room in question checked by an independent company, who specializes in this area of environmental protection, they confirmed that the room was clean and there were no bedbugs there.

Our track record is positive evidence also that there has not been any previous complaints or reports of such an incidence in our 45 Club Donatello rooms.

To our knowledge,

it is possible to transfer bed bugs from place to place via guest luggage, clothing, and items brought into a room, however, Club Donatello has not experienced this. In addition, we perform intensive monthly pest control maintenance, as a preventative measure.

It is unfortunate that the reporting Guest felt that some of our Team Members were being defensive. This is not our intention, as we take any such reports from our Guests very seriously.

Our Guest satisfaction ratings and reports are some of the highest in the entire city of San Francisco, and we pride ourselves on continuing to treat all of our Guests with the utmost care, respect and provide them with positive experiences with us.

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My boyfriend and I stayed in Room 1212 on February 14, 2011. When we woke up, we both had several bites on our legs. I cannot be 100% positive these bites were bedbug bites, but upon doing some internet research, it certainly looked as if they were. I called the manager (Jesus?) who was initially very defensive and didn't appear to believe me. Upon checking out, I asked to have a manager come and look at out bites. Marie Antonette Vergara first came and spoke to us, and she said something t

o the effect of that the only times they have experienced bedbugs was when they were brought in by other guests. Jesus then came over to us and we showed him our bites. Still defensive, he told us that the hotel had never had a bed bug sighting. Interesting that his response didn't really match Marie's response. My boyfriend and I left the hotel with the impression that Jesus was not going to even bother having the room checked out.

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