Super 8 San Francisco Union Square Area
415 O'farrell St
San Francisco, CA

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GDC conference, stayed here on the last friday of the conference (March 9th). We left the hotel saturday morning and on Sunday my boyfriend developed a lot of itchy bites. I counted 22 total on him. They had the signature pattern of 'breakfast lunch and dinner' and looked just like the pictures on the internet- big, red spots and they were really itchy. We only stayed there a night and did not check the room for bed bug evidence, but we think the bites on my boyfriend's arms and torso indicate b


Since we brought our luggage home after we checked out we paniced and vacuumed/cleaned/washed everything. It's a mess. Hopefully we did not bring any home.

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I sleep there on may 9 and 10/2011 for google IO. I got a lot of bites on the first night on both arms. That night I used the extra pillows from the closet of the room 501 and got my arms under those so I think they were hosted there.

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