St Paul Hotel
935 Kearny St
San Francisco, CA 94133

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Stayed at hotel in November 2013, and upon leaving traveling home discovered bites along my arms and neck. These were clearly bug bites; linear, papular, blanching lesions along both arms and extensive bites along my neck.

Renamed to Hotel North Beach

found bed bug on bed at night, had minor bites on arm.
checked in on saturday, checked out on sunday.

Paid for week long stay. Asked for full refund but they still charged for one night even though wife and I took turns sleeping with lights on to "keep an eye out".
Management admitted to treating for bed bugs.

Initially said I could have brought them, i told them I knew it's been a problem for their hotel, i read it on the internet. At check-ou

t, manager sent someone to check my room and said they "didn't see any bedbugs". At which point I lifted up my arm and showed him the bites, no more argument after that. I am sure if i had no bites to show that I would not have gotten any kind of refund.

Do not stay here!! besides, most of the staff are real jerks, i have been hung up on on the phone by them...!!!!

Please add Hotel North Beach to the registry. I was using your site to check hotels out before making reservations and they recently changed their name. Probably for this very reason. For verification their website states that they were formerly the Saint Paul Hotel, besides being the same address.

Is there any effort being made to link your site to yelp or any of the review sites? there should be.

Best to you!

see full report...

Bed bugs are a big problem here. Noticed bites all over my arms....legs ...and face. Do not stay here people unless you want to take home some unwanted little friends.

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