Spaulding Hotel
240 Ofarrell St
San Francisco, CA

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my bedroom has been occupied by these monsters which are increasingly raise their numbers so i dont know i will change my hotel

I checked in to 517 by originally inquiring about a weekly rate for a double room, and this was the room they assigned me. Despite advertising itself as "newly renovated" this designation apparently applied only to select rooms; most of the furniture was extremely dilapidated and most everything was in disrepair in my room, but later in the week, I happened to walk past other rooms as the maid cleaned them, and couldn't help but notice how much nicer these other rooms were than mine. I suspec

t that they sloughed off a sub-par quality room since I was paying a lower rate than the other nightly-rate guests and tourists (weekly was $400 including tax, and nightly the rooms were approximately $75-85). In my room, the carpet was not even finished properly up to the walls, the carpet had cigarette burns aplenty and two distinct impressions of an iron burn near the bathroom; the television cabinet only had one of its two doors, and even the small table had burns of some sort all over it. After I had been there for a week, I continued on a nightly basis, until I began to notice that my arms and legs had red welts and bite marks on them which seemed to be getting more plentiful. I had a vague idea of bedbugs but originally didn't think they were the culprit since I never actually saw them; I left after it became obvious that whatever was making me itch so badly was clearly in that hotel. After checking out, I began to research online about bedbugs, and found out that just because one doesn't actually see them, doesn't mean they aren't there and doesn't mean they aren't feeding on you while you sleep. I left the Spaulding Hotel 9 days ago and the bite marks on my arms are just now finally disappearing; but as someone who has suffered mosquito bites many hundreds of times (I grew up in MN where people joke that the mosquito is the state bird) and bee-stings as well, am surprised at how long-lasting both the appearance of the bites was as well as the irritation and itching they caused. Stay away from 517, if you stay at the Spaulding, or if you are a weekly rate guest, make sure you force them to give you one of the upgraded rooms. You have been warned!

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