Serrano Hotel
405 Taylor St
San Francisco, CA 94102-1701

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I stayed in this hotel in January 21-23 of 2012. Early in the morning I felt something crawling on my neck. I slapped my neck and grabbed a bug which was covered in blood. After a quick check on the web I confirmed it was a bed bug. I immediately went down to the front desk and talked to the manager. He had me fill out a report and did not charge me for the room. He also provided a free breakfast. He did not offer to pay for cleaning of my items.

I woke up on April 6 with very itchy bites on my arms and face and ended up with an allergic reaction that made my eye swell up (which was quite embarrassing since I had client meetings the next day). I went to the emergency room to have the reaction checked out and the doctor said that it looked like bed bug bites (although there is no way to be 100% sure by just looking at the bites).

I alerted the hotel and they put me in a new room and did not charge me for my stay. They are covering al

l of my medical bills (which ended up being quite significant). Although extremely unpleasant, I feel the hotel handled the situation nicely.

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We stayed at this hotel the weekend of March 19, 2011. On Sunday a.m., we were getting ready for breakfast and I saw a bug crawling on the bed. I grabbed it, put it in a ziplock, looked it up on the web - yep, it was a bed bug. The worst part was the hotel management's very insufficient response to what seems like a pretty important issue. In the end, we asked them to dry all of our belongings on high in the hotel dryers, and we did NOT pay for the room. We did not have any bites. We did

not find any other signs of bugs (as if we needed them).

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