Seal Rock Inn
545 Point Lobos Ave
San Francisco, CA

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I stayed at the Seal Rock Inn starting on Thursday evening, 8/29/2013, in room 205. I was only at the hotel to sleep, and when I woke up the next morning, I had bug bites up and down my right arm, and then two more bites on my left shoulder and left arm. Since the weather was unusually warm and I'm from the east coast, I thought I had gotten bit by mosquitoes while sleeping. The bites got itchier and progressively a little more swollen throughout the next day, but nothing changed drastically.

I went back to the hotel to sleep the next night, 8/30/13, still thinking it was mosquitoes, but when I woke up after my 2nd night at the hotel, the bites I had already gotten were huge, puss-filled blisters and my right hand, wrist and arm were completely swollen. I had to go to the ER and then was admitted to the hospital for an infection caused by the bites. The hospital confirmed it was caused by bed bugs.

Even worse, someone else reported bed bugs in the exact same room a month earlier and I believe the hotel may not have ever taken action to remove them. The hotel was negligent and if they can't take care of this, who knows if they're properly cleaning and/or sanitizing any part of the hotel. I would never stay here ever again.

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We stayed at the hotel over Labor Day 2009, room 306. We usually stay here 4-6 times per year as it's a great location and one of our favorite spots. Unfortunatly, I woke up the first morning with a rash. I didn't realize there was a real problem until the next morning when I saw the bugs and blood spots on the sheets. We told managment and they moved us to another room and compted us the first two nights. They told us to wash our clothes when we got home. The rash and bites continued to get wor

se the next night and at home. Washing our clothes was not sufficient to prevent the bugs from coming home with us, not to mention the new room we were put on. It gets worse. After great effort to rid the bugs from our home the rash continued. I finally had it diagnosed as scabies and medically treated. We couldn't believe that we had gotten not just bed bugs but also scabies at our favorite hotel. I contacted managment again to let them know and to seek reimbursement for medical and household expenses and guess what? They never called back.

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