Mosser Victorian Hotel
54 4th St
San Francisco, CA

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I've stayed at The Mosser eight times since March 2012, in 8 different rooms and I have not encountered any bedbugs at all. In fact I would count the Mosser as the cleanest hotel I have ever stayed in in San Francisco.

I've stayed at the Mosser many many times. In fact, for a year or so, I was staying there at least once a week. I have never seen a bedbug there, never had inexplicable bites, or anything like this. In fact, the Mosser is extremely clean and "not the kinda place" you. Typically see bedbugs (which I have encountered many times in the Bay Area.

I think all the hotels probably have them, just google the name of your hotel and the words bed bugs and you will find references to them with just

about any hotel in the City. But the Mosser cleans the rooms thoroughly and I feel very Safe from the little monsters when I stay at the Mosser.

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March 2008

On my first night at the Mosser I found what appeared to be a tiny cockroach on the pillow. I squished it with a tissue and it found it was full of blood. I was disturbed, but didn't know anything about bedbugs at the time and put the incident out of my mind. I slept there for the next five nights and was never aware of any bites. However, I later learned about bed bugs and, after examining pictures online, I feel it must have been a huge beg bug specimen in my bed at the Mosse

r. Seems unlikely that I wouldn't get any bites, but perhaps I don't taste good. Who knows. I'm just putting my story out there as a data point for future reference. For the record, the hotel was absolutely charming, if a bit cramped in my little room, and was nearly spotless in all other respects.

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I stayed at the Mosser Hotel from November 6-9, 2009. I have never had an experience with bed bugs and didn't even think to check the room. I came home and was covered in bed bug bites several days later - apparently it can take up to 9 days for the swollen bite marks to appear. I was miserable and itchy. My doctor said it was definitely bed bug bites and definitely from the hotel. The manager was very nice and refunded the cost of my stay. She said they would clean the room thoroughly. I am not

trying to be mean and report anyone but I want others to be aware. If you stayed at the Mosser Hotel recently please check your belongings! I have had to rip my whole house apart cleaning because I left my luggage sitting out around my house for a week without knowing that there could have been bed bugs in it. Now all I can do is clean and then wait and see if I start finding them around my house...

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