Lombard Plaza Motel
2026 Lombard St
San Francisco, CA 94123-2809

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I, Steven Wilson, and my partner, Elke Rohn, stayed at the Lombard Plaza Motel on 6 & 7 September, 2013. We found out too late that our bed was infected with bed bugs, and we both received multiple bites, as well as a serious rash, perhaps from some bizarre chemicals or possibly a reaction to too many bed bug bites.

Now, nine days later from our unfortunate stay at the Lombard Plaza Motel, the swelling, bites and rash are slowly subsiding, but it has been an incredibly uncomfortable and agon

ising week of unnecessary pain. In case you're wondering, we stayed in room #28. Avoid at all costs this room (and the entire property!).

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I came with my family (3 kids), after we put the kids to bed, we found bedbugs, so we immediately moved out. It was very unpleasant experience, to move three sleeping kids to another motel, but we couldn't stay, there were a lots of them. After we moved out, the guy from the motel went to our room and sprayed it with something, although I don't think that would help... Besides this motel was really bad and dirty, it was a mistake from the beginning, it is worth to spend more and go some other pl


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Upon arrival in the motel I checked briefly under the mattress for bedbugs, but didn't find any. We woke up after a nap of an hour or so and discovered red swallen, itchy bites. Checked the bedsheets and under the mattress again, and then found several bugs crawling around.

I woke up covered in huge bites. When I looked at the mattress there were visable huge bed bug nests all over the mattress.. I actually saw the bed bugs. they were big and there were lots.. This place was infested. I am traumatized from this experience.

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