King George Hotel
334 Mason St
San Francisco, CA

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Stayed in room 611 on 09/05/2014 - clean room, friendly service, and no bed bugs. We brought no bed bugs as well.

Continuing the story in my prior post...OK, so now I am back at home and the welts have started to appear. I saw the bed bugs in my room (603), but I didn't realize how many bites I had actually gotten. I guess it takes a day or two for the complete reaction to start to appear. I must have at least a hundred bug bites on me...there are so many bites I simply can't count them all. The pain and itching is quite intense. Next time I'm going to check this website prior to making a reservation at

any hotel.

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I stayed in room 603 during September 2013 and the room had bedbugs.

I happened to wake up in the middle of the night once, and when I turned on the lights, I saw a half dozen of them crawling on the bed. I subsequently found one hiding under my pillow, and another on my pajama leg. I immediately packed my bags and checked out, even though it was well before dawn. Conveniently, there is a 24 hour diner right next store so you can sit there with a cup of coffee while you wait for the sun

to come up...

see full report...

Everyone was very nice, no bed bug issues at all and I inspected when we entered the room. Checked behind the head board, checked the mattresses, checked behind and under the end table. All clear.

My husband and I stayed at this hotel in November 2011 and it was a pleasant experience :) The hotel staff was very nice and helpful with directions and tips. Our room was clean and beautiful and the hotel is in the perfect spot right in the middle of all the fun of the city. I recommend this hotel to everyone and we had no problems with bugs of any kind.

I stayed in this hote in Rm 300 in July 2011. I was very busy that week for work When I got home on Friday night, I noticed that I had bedbug welts on my legs and arms.

I called the Hotel to discuss it 4 times and NEVER got a call back. When I left the messages, I gave them the room number and reason for my call. He could have at least called me back

Maciej Ceglowski is doing an injustice and causing many problems and paranoia. Bed Bugs are like fleas and people transport them to many places, now it’s the apartment or hotel owners who are blamed for this. We need to educate people on your site not just sling mud to businesses.
Once it’s on your site true or not it just becomes fact huh? Maciej Ceglowski should do something better for society.

You stayed with 2 girlfriends and had time to look for bugs?

I stayed at the King George Hotel with 2 girlfriends on September 17-19. We were in 2 rooms, 306 and 302. I woke up the morning of the 19th covered in bites and welts on my back and arms. When I returned home- I had my bug man spray down everything- but he confirmed that the bites that I had encounted were from bed bugs. I have reported this incident to the hotel- and am awaiting resonse.

Spent one night in August 2008. Don't remember floor or room #. However, bed bug infestation was severe. In the morning, my entire right leg covered in bites (which I mistook for an allergic reaction). I left the hotel immediately upon discovery the next day and left several articles of clothing just in case. Room was compensated.

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