Inn at the Opera
333 Fulton St
San Francisco, CA 94102-4423

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I was in room 26 starting on 04/20/10. On the morning of 04/21/10 I noticed a few itchy spots on my body, but thought they might be mosquito bites so said nothing. That night, in the middle of the night, I could feel the bites all over my body. In the morning, I told staff I needed to be moved to another room. When I mentioned why, I expected the staff to be aghast that there were bedbugs, but he responded matter-of-factly and said I would be moved. After spending the day in total discomfor

t with bites over every area of my body, I went to the hotel and told them that I would not be staying there that night because of my concerns regarding bedbugs. I spoke to the manager, who told me that he had had their pest company come to check out the room and he was told that they found no evidence of bedbugs! I might add, this pest company apparently has a contract with the hotel to come there every couple of weeks, so I assume there has been/is a problem, and makes it unlikely they would want to admit that they found anything in that room since it would indicate they were not competent at keeping the insects at bay.

In any case, the manager continued to insist there were no bedbugs in that room, even though I insisted over and over that I had the physical evidence all over my body that they indeed had bedbugs. He also said that "as we get older, sometimes we have allergic reactions to something we might not have had previously", implying that the bites all over my body, but not my face, were an allergic reaction. I expressed my consternation that he was dismissing this problem and indicating that somehow because of my age this might be an allergic reaction!!! Needless to say, I found this response unacceptable!

At the end of the conversation, he offered to "comp"the second night I stayed and one night's parking and I cancelled my third night. He also offered to let me use the room they had taken my bags to for a "few hours" to decide what I wanted to do. He offered to send me to their other hotel, the Donatello, but I did not want to try something else at that point. I had chosen their hotel because of its proximity to the ballet, so donated my ballet ticket and left. Now I need to sterilize my bags, clothing, etc. to make sure that I do not carry these bedbugs into my house; a nightmarish experience overall.

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March 25 - 28, 2009, Room 78. The hotel was great about moving us to a new room and sending our clothes out to be cleaned. They also brought in someone to thoroughly cleanse the room itself.

That said, I'm covered in over 50 bites across my arms, torso and legs. They're bright red and suppurating. I've had to take a day off from work as the itching is so intense it's distracting. =/

And according to my research, it can take up to 9 days for some bites to appear.

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