Hotel Carlton
1075 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA

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I stayed in room 101 the first night & had little red marks in my chest & arms & wasn't sure what they were, but recall being awoken several times that night feeling a tiny pinch or bite. Then, the noise in 101 was bad to I was put in 610 & through this room was cleaner & quieter, the bites were WORSE the next day. Never, never will stay at Hotel Carlton again.

Stayed 9/28/12 & 9/29/12 in Room 912. my daughter got bit first night, not realizing what it was, went to bed next night she jumped up an hour later with bites all down her leg. We called front desk , they sent worker right up, he took one look and they had us in another room in less than 10 minutes. It was like a fire drill! They knew exactly what it was. I will say that they comped one night, and tried to make it better...But I take bed bugs really seriously, and kind of upset about all the pr

ecautions I'm having to take to not get them at home!

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My husband and i stayed at the Hotel Carlton from Nov 2-7 in room 412. The first two nights, we had no problems. After the third night, i found two bites in the middle of my chest and didn't think too much about it. After the forth night, i woke up to circumfential bites around my right ankle. During our last night, i woke up in the middle of the night itching and feeling like something was crawling on me. I checked my body and found numerous bites on my lower extremities. They were all re

d, swollen, and hard. Once my husband woke up, i checked the sheets and found multiple small blood spots. We checked out at 6am for our morning flight. My husband told the desk clerk about our suspicion of bed bugs and he didn't even look up from his work to acknowledge what he said. I have called the general manager who said she'll have someone examine the room.

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I slept at Hotel Carlton from October 20-24 and upon my return home I noticed red bumps symptomatic of bed bug bites all over my legs and arms. The day I checked the registry I noticed a note from the general manager noting the hotel's policy. This made me even more sure that I had in fact been exposed to bed bugs. I called the hotel and they sent me to the general manager's voice mailbox. I look forward to chatting with her tomorrow and getting confirmation. I really hope I haven't brought bed

bugs into my apartment back in New York.

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Response from the Hotel Carlton

If we receive a report of possible bed bugs we immediately take the room and the adjacent rooms out-of-inventory and have all the rooms inspected by Isotech.

Our hotel takes a bed bug report very seriously and as such we employ the following steps to avoid bed bugs on a regular basis:

1. Our hotel staff has been trained in all protocols used to detect the presence of bedbugs.
2. We have a contract with two third party pest control companies to make

sure that they eradicate any bed bugs, if found. They also provide a routine inspection of all of our guestrooms on a rotating basis.

3. We employ a canine detection company, called ISOTECH, which specializes in this field to do routine inspections of the property. They use dogs that are specially trained to detect bedbugs. We just recently had this service completed.

At the Hotel Carlton we take a proactive approach and pride ourselves in providing a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for all of our guests.
Jeanne Comaskey
General Manager

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I just checked out a few days ago... Am covered from head to toe with bed bug bites! Disgusting!

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