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I truly enjoy my stay here except for the Bed Bugs. While this is a great place their cleaning staff does not do a good job of detailed cleaning.

I was bit by bed bugs in the large common room
I doubt the wash the comforters often and while the mattress was of the bed bug resistant type. The bunks needed to be clean and vacuum because the foot lockers had a film of dust which only invites the bed bugs

Bedbugs are evidently a persistent problem at this hostel. I stayed there in Sept. 2008 (over two years ago) and was severely bitten--at least 16 bites on my right arm.

This was at the very start of the recent bedbug "wave"--when I notified the woman at the desk she gave no indication that I was to be taken seriously. I assume that the people who run the hostel would be more receptive to complaints on this issue today.

Bed bugs confirmed. I am the same person as who posted yesterday. Today upon pulling apart my room in my home to treat everything for bed bugs and fleas, it turned out there a few living on the side of my mattress between my bed and my wall. I captured one and positively identified it. I am contacting the hostel today to alert them.

On Tuesday evening, I returned from staying at this hostel for 4 nights. When at the hostel, I inspected for bed bugs and found none. Today is Saturday. Today I developed red marks from multiple bug bites on my body (allergic reactions can be delayed). I also located a few dark spots on my mattress. It may be bed bugs from the hostel I unknowingly carried home, or it may be fleas that were here waiting for me. There were some dark spots on my home mattress typical of bed bugs, and the appearance

of the bites does appear more typical of bed bugs. Tomorrow and over the next few days my roommates and I will see if we can verify between bed bugs or fleas and I will re-post with the result. I would like to note that the hostel is absolutely wonderful, the staff is lovely, and the location is unbeatable for its proximity to Fisherman's Wharf. Until I re-post with a more conclusive (or inconclusive) result, I would recommend you still stay there and take every precaution.

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