Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites San Francisco Fishermans Wharf
550 N Point St
San Francisco, CA 94133

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Stayed here for 8 nights in the fall of 2006. The first night I got up an went to the toilet. Upon returning to the bed I saw something crawling on the sheet. I caught it and one more of it's friends and put them in a plastic bag. I called the front desk and explained what had happened. Being from a country where bed bug are very uncommon I did not know what it was, but i was NOT getting into that bed again.
The hotel was serious about the issue and managed to find a new room for me the next mo

rning. They also cleaned all my cloths and tumble dried them to kill any bugs.
The also arranged for me to see a doctor about my bites, and it was the doctor that told me that it was bed bugs (I brought them in the plastic bag for him to see). Frankly I was relived to hear what it was. I was afraid it was something worse.
The Hotel offered no form of compensation, and further more they did not tell me what to do to prevent this hideous bug to follow me home. Luckily it seems no bugs did get into my suitcase so it did not become necessary.

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I started noticing bites on the second day of a 4 night stay and thought they were mosquito bites. By the last day I had nearly 40 bites and they were in suspicious clusters, itching and painful. I had been wearing leather boots while out outside and started getting suspicious when bites starting popping up on my feet. I called the hotel from the airport to inquire if a problem had been reported by other guests. Manager on duty said there were no other reports. By the time I got home I had mor

e bites (from head to toe) and welts erupt; many in rows and clusters. Had confirmation that these were bed bug bites and not mosquito bites. I had called the hotel again today and spoke with the manager on duty who said they would have a third party inspection. Hoping that they didn't follow me home. I've taken as many precautions as possible based on information found on the Internet.

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