Green Tortoise Backpackers
494 Broadway
San Francisco, CA 94133-4515

Found 5 reports:

Went to bed, woke up with a couple bites that were clearly from bed bugs (one welt on my face, another on my hand). Threw all my clothes in the dryer hoping the heat would kill them. Let's hope it does.

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I stayed here in 2011 for two nights. The second morning I had bite welts all over my arms and face. When I got home I threw all my clothes into the hot water. Unfortunately, I forgot about my purse. My house got infested. I emailed the hostel and received a weak, " sorry bout that".

I made a post on about this facility having bedbugs about 3 or 4 months ago. Yelp removed my post but I'm not lying. As of Spring 2010 there were bedbugs in this hostel. They are doing a cover up job if you look on yelp they seem to get only top notch reports.

There ARE, in fact, bedbugs at this location. As of May 2009.

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