Golden Eagle Hotel
402 Broadway
San Francisco, CA 00000

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Last night, one of my neighbors alerted me to the fact there were HUNDREDS OF MAGGOTS crawling along the carpet in the hall. Desk clerk merely vacuumed up the creepycrawlies, manager did not investigate or take any action. Then, one of the tenants shat all over the toilet, AGAIN, and when the cleaning guy (he is no custodian) went to clean it up, all he did was fill a spray bottle with DIRTY MOP WATER, no bleach. Inadequate and technically illegal lack of standard cleaning protocols, so that

all public areas, showers, toilets, etc are all contaminated with fecal material. If you like E Coli, this is the place for you! Mario, the manager, threatens and attacks tenants, he tells people the building is owned by "organized crime" and he has lots of "friends" so it's best not to complain. Repeated contact with City agencies are ineffective, since bribery is a way of life with those "inspectors" which is why slumlords have literally been getting away with murder for so long. Tenants are asked to sign contracts stating they will not report bedbug infestation, and the new City rules were written so that tenants with bedbug infestations are evicted (it should be noted that the person in the DPH who created this tenant bashing program was recently FIRED). Typical. Rather than deal with the problem our City blames the victims. The "exterminator" isn't even licensed, does not follow standard protocols, so reporting bedbugs harms, rather than helps tenants, and has no effect on the actual problem. Roaches everywhere ... I can deal with a lot of this stuff, but maggots on the carpet and all toilets and showers contaminated with fecal material is a bit much. Why should low income tenants be punished for paying rent and living in a building that is contaminated? Why should we be forced to throw away all of our possession, only to find out that the bedbugs will come back anyway, because of the infestation of the common areas that are never addressed? If bedbugs had been dealt with about a decade ago when they first started showing up, we wouldn't be in this mess, and evicting tenants for the sins of landlords is just plain evil.

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Bites around all my body. Dirty and nasty. The worst place I've ever been in my life

Checked In on a Friday, got numerous bites by Sunday morning!!! This hotel is infested with bedbugs due to the lack of consistent extermination program. Most owners think once or twice will be enough and don't want to pay for additional follow up visits!!

There was no monitor traps, or warnings from the front desk about the problem.

The morning front desk clerk, I will won't mention her name said she has to spray her room daily to prevent them from tracking into her room because she has t

o take walks around the property!

Best inexpensive solution, don't check in without either a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol, mattress covers and one of the following bedbug sprays:

Demand CS
Tempo SC Ultra
Intruder HPX
Suspend SC

Best on the market is CB-80 Extra
Drione which is dust for cracks, crevices, wall voids! A natural solution of Pyrethrins natural or synthetic Chrysanthemum flower powder.

I studied all the online websites for this infestation and it knowledge is power, however, only after I've been a victim.

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Be prepared to have a few bites here and there. As with 90% of hotels in this city there are bed bugs everywhere, some places with more who don't have an exterminator as often and those, who are on top of the problem with spray(s) and dogs.

I bring along my own jar of pyrithrins (crushed marigold flower powder) which works EXCELLENT! Get the pyrithrins, DO NOT BREATHE IN THE POWDER, put along baseboards, at the head and foot board of bed, in drawers and you will see almost immediate relief.

Within 10 days you will see maybe 1 - 2 bugs and within a week thereafter complete relief.

Buy pyrithrins for bed bugs and roaches it works wonders without all the chemicals.

Now I have my Golden Ego back!

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Just stayed one night and literally found 6 adult bugs and about ten or so nymphs. Immediately sealed my luggage and had the worst nights sleep, with bites a plenty. Manager was not very understanding. He sprayed the room but only offered a refund and no cleaning bills. I left straight away at a cost of about $150 to get my clothes dry cleaned. Stay away the place is a hell hole.

December 12, 2011

JUST GOT EATEN ALIVE. Been here for four months and not a bite. Looks like they were waiting and just attacked.

Lots and lots of bites!!!!

Just an update on this location...As of August 2008, the bedbugs (and mice, and roaches) still run rampant through the Golden Eagle.

Still a nicer SRO than a lot of these places here in SF, many of which boast living conditions so squalid they seem as if they ought to be condemned and most of which are horrendously overpriced. The Golden Eagle isn't squalid, though it is really expensive for a place with no kitchens, tv's, microwaves or fridges, and a host of infestations.

Massive bedbug infestation dating back to at least Sept, 2001. Large rodent population to supplement bedbugs' diet. This could (and has) been one of the better SRO's in this city, but infestation appears intractable. City wide rent strike, anyone?

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