Executive Hotel Vintage Court
650 Bush St
San Francisco, CA

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We were a group of people divided into 5 rooms. The bed skirts in the room I first ended up in were full of stains that were definitely bed bug fieces. (I've had them at home a long time ago, so I do know what it looks like.) Don't remember the room number, but I guess you all know bed bugs don't need the key card to move from room to room.

Luckily we checked the beds immediately, so in 5 minutes we went to the reception to tell about the problem. The front desk lady was very polite and prom

ised us a new room right away, which was nice. The housekeeper/janitor guy came to the bed bug room with us to take a look at the beds. I asked him what they're gonna do about it. He shaked his head and smiled, I guess that means "nothing".

The new room and the other four rooms were clean, although it was a bit suspicious that all the mattresses were brand new. At home, after heating all the luggage, my roommate found a dead bed bug in her luggage.

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My fiancee and I stayed at this hotel for two nights on Memorial day weekend (May 27 and 28). The first night we didn't notice anything, but my friend who had crashed on the floor got a few cluster of bites on his shoulders and they were becoming welts. We thought it was suspicious but since we didn't get bit at all we didn't think much of it.

The next morning my fiancee woke up with clusters of bites on her face, her shoulders, her armpit, her wrist, and one of her legs. They were easily vi

sible because they also caused welts. I had a few bites, but they looked like small mosquito bites but were itchy.

We checked the sheet on the bed and it looked as though there might have been bed bugs in the past because it had small stains near the headboard, but just to be safe (and to let the hotel management know) we went downstairs during checkout and told them that we thought there might be bed bugs since my fiancee's bites looked exactly like what we could find on the internet (and the cluster formation of breakfast, lunch, dinner). The lady at the front desk seemed surprised and assured us that the manager would take a look and get back to us.

Later in the day I received a voicemail from the manager (Bill Englehart) saying that he checked the room and didn't find any live bed bugs. He did say that he found the stains and that there were spots on the back side of the mattress and the box springs (but that they didn't look fresh and could be bug droppings?). Then he went into how to treat our clothes, luggage, and bites if in fact, they were bed bugs in our room... and ended by saying, "Sorry for the confusion regarding this incident..."

So basically, it sounded as if he didn't believe there were actual bed bugs in the room, yet he wanted to make sure we knew how to take care of them if there were bed bugs. Then confirmed again at the end that we were incorrect in saying they were bed bugs, which I assume means they probably wouldn't get a bed bug dog or professional to check. Kind of unsettling and disappointing that that was all he called to say.

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