Club Quarters in San Francisco
424 Clay St
San Francisco, CA

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I stayed the week of July 13-18, 2014. I stayed in room 610 and returned home and numerous bite marks appeared. I read on many sites abouth bed bug bites after my stay and how they can take days for bed bug bites to appear. I remembr itching a little bit there but thought it was just my imagination running wild. I never visit the DR. but I had to one I returned to get a steroid shot and cream due to the itching that became unbearable. The hotel was in a great location and the stay went well but

the aftermath that has ensued leads me to question if bed bugs were in the room. Just beware that it may be a possibility especially in room 610.

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I stayed here 5/13 - 5/15 2014 and when I was there I didn't notice anything. However shortly after checking out my arm felt really itchy. I thought it was dry skin. Over the next few days several bite marks have developed over my arms and my left leg. And one on my neck. I actually thought I had hives. I went to the doctor today because my arm was itchy and hot (I'm home now) and my doctor confirmed these are bed bug bites. She said some people take up to 5 days for the bites to develop.

Its 5/18 today so I guess I'm one of those people. I stayed in room 826, I will be calling the hotel to complain. I think I'm getting an infection on my arm from one of them :(

I really hope I didn't take any with me. I haven't unpacked my suitcase and left it outside just in case. Ugh.

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Bed bugs bit me pride weekend 2013

This is a report of a BEDBUG-FREE stay. I was in room 625 for three nights and had no problems. When I checked in, I inspected the mattress, box spring, under the headboard and behind the nightstands. I found lots of dust, but no bugs.

Guest feedback is important to us and we take all comments regarding bed bugs very seriously. Club Quarters has a proactive pest elimination policy that includes regularly scheduled inspections by a professional pest control company that uses trained bed bug detecting dogs. Additionally we have thoroughly trained all of our housekeeping associates to inspect our guest rooms for any signs of pest activity. When necessary our pest control company conducts bed bug elimination procedures using t

he latest in heat and/or steam technology.
I encourage anyone with questions or comments regarding our pest control policy to contact me directly.


Patrick Jackson, Hotel Manager

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Checked in, slept, found a bed bug crawling in the sheets the next AM. No evident bites. Saved the bug in a water bottle and took photo. Checked the heck out!!

Stayed here for 3 nights starting on Columbus Day, Oct 11, 2010.

Did a through inspection of the headbord, bedsheets and under the mattress and safe to say no bedbugs found.

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