Cadillac Hotel
380 Eddy St
San Francisco, CA 94102-2607

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bedbugs everywhere the manager is a very angry women and will not talk to people with respect and after her lunch is drunk
bathrooms are dirty, walls have not been cleaned in a long time. They clean the toilet and mop the floor and think its clean. bugs run up and down the bathroom walls. Every month bugman comes he does NOT do the bathrooms or trash rooms and so the bugs never go away.

Soap dispensaries in most restrooms broken by janitors so the janitors take the liquid soap and sell it elsewhere , Bed bug everywhere even in restrooms , Common microwave filthy infested with roaches and bedbugs , dogs take dump in the restroom's sink and owners live the sh*t in the sink for the next person using it to clean it up , residents allied with maintainance attendant steal pets to sell it outside and so on.

Filthy, ceilings leak, walls are cracked, there are bugs everywhere. Janitors do very poor job. Don't believe what anyone writes...The Cadillac does the minimum to stay under the radar but the deferred maintenance in general is abhorrent. And then they hold free concerts to make the public believe they care about the tenants.

john january 24,2011
I have lived at the Cadillac Hotel
on eddy st in San Francisco for 5 years
and have never seen any bugs these other
people are talking about. The exterminator
is the best around and responds to any complaints
the same day.
I saw a roach in the trash one day and told the
manager and she called the company out that day
and the problem was taken care of.
This hotel is great they have ccffee once a
week and live music for free.

I lived at the cadillac for over two years until i was accepted into housing exclusively for veterans. In the time i lived there i was assaulted constantly by bedbugs even though they were "exterminating" continually. That consisted of a guy giving a few quick bursts of insecticide out of a can and leaving. If you really bitched about it you were told remove all your stuff, move your furniture and wait for the same guy to spray a few quick bursts into your demolished room. It took two months f

or them to give me a new mattress and they only did that when i happened to see the truck that was delivering them. The final straw was while taking a shower I noticed hundreds of bedbug nymphs crawling up the walls to escape the water. I went to the health department, complained to the feds at the VA hospital where I went for treatment of many bites aggravated by allergic reactions and infection. I nearly went nuts from bug paranoia and now one years later I still have many scars left over from the bites (physical and mental). I now live in a bug free place in the presidio and life is much better. The city needs to close that hellhole until it can be completely free of pests. Living at the cadillac was not living at all. My best to all who still suffer in that god awful hovel...mike

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The hotel is dirty. The janitors don't really clean, they just push the dirt around. I see bedbugs everynight crawling the hallways. Our rooms are inspected, but the hallways are not. And our Hotel in considered a LANDMARK. For what?
Bugs? It is an SRO, so tenants have no rights or protection.

The management is mean beyond comprehension. The manager is a drunk, and the assitant manager incompetent. Yikes. Bugs and dirt everywhere. Complaints are never responded too. I was told to MOVE if I didn't like the bugs

This place is so filthy. The janitors have fooled the management. They post "wet floor" caution signs and then don't mop the hallways or bathroom for days. Kathy and Leroy Looper are the trustees of the non profit that owns the hotel but they are only concerned about the lobby and how it looks to their adoring public officials. They don't want to keep the tenant areas clean. They want to blame the tenants instead. There are bugs everywhere, in the bathrooms, running the halls at night etc.

A group of us have now gone to the Majors office and building department. They both assured us, that there is an investigation of neglect ongoing, since the hotel receives both federal and local money.

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I just moved out of this hotel. The management is awful, hostile and the place is unclean. There are bedbugs even in the bathrooms. They are more concerned about monthly concerts held in the lobby than the conditions of the building. They think the tenants are responsible for everyting wrong, even the collapsing floors.

Yes, I have lived in the Cadillac for 4 years and the bed bugs are really bad. The manager at this hotel is really a hostel, angry women and is unresponsive to the situation. She won't take the extra step with tenants that won't allow inspection or treatment of their rooms, even though the law is on the hotels side. It is a very hostile environment and the many tenants who care for the hotel and are happy to have a room are sacraficed to the lazy management. Funny though, when it comes to all

other areas of enforcement, she is relentless.

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They simply don't follow thru with complaints as they are required by law to do. Therefore, the bugs are spreading. They blame the tenants, not their under maintained building

This simply don't the bugs serious. If a tenant is hesitant about them accessing a room they just let it pass. There are bugs everywhere.
The hotel, if you go beyond the lobby is filty
and poorly maintained

they ingnore the complaints

there are bedbugs everywhere. and they dont do anything about it

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