Cable Car Court
1499 California St
San Francisco, CA 94109-4711

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I found a bedbug after staying here for 3 weeks. The manager started steam treatment by the hotel staff the following day. I looked up the San Francisco Health Department bedbug recommendations and they recommend licensed exterminators. I downloaded the recommendations and e-mailed the PDF file to the manager. He said that he was unable to open the file. The following week another steam treatment was done. At that time I saw the mattress for the first time and saw that on one side, under the mat

tress cove, there was a large old blood stain and on the reverse side there were what appeared to be other body fluid stains.
The mattress was replaced the following day. Within a day of receiving the mattress I had several new bedbug bites. I told the manager about the bites when other tenants could hear, and he immediately gave me printed instructions an how to prepare my room for extermination of the bedbugs.

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I found a bedbug on my wall today, 3/23/11. Told the manager immediately and he will have the room steamed tomorrow.

I stayed here for about week and really loved the hotel in the beginning. The manager is picky about who he lets move in here, so there isn't a problem with noisy neighbors or sketchy people.

I was getting ready to go to China, and needed a place to stay in the city for a week. The room was big. It had a refrigerator.

Something weird about the room though. The bed did not have a fitted sheet. I asked the manager about this, and he said they don't provide fitted sheets to the guests a

s a "safety" measure.

Safety Measure? What did he mean by that? I didn't think people were regularly strangled by fitted sheets, so this didn't make sense to me. I let it slide.

When I went to sleep at night, I had the feeling I was being bit. Many many tiny bugs were crawling on me. I was informed that they were bedbugs. Was moved to another room. Luckily, my things were in storage, so I didn't really lose a lot. . .

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