Bristol Hotel
56 Mason St
San Francisco, CA 94102-2806

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I lived in the Bristol for five years before it closed I was hospitalized due to bed bug bites.The power goes out.The place is filthy and full of drugs and not safe.I was one of people who had place closed down.Terrible Slumlord owner

Now I know how my weekly-exterminated, practically overparanoid place kept getting Vampire Bugs even though I keep all the rules myself - I had several friends from the Bristol regularly visiting me. I ought to have known better and insisted on paranoid visitation protocols myself!?

Yes they are here, the management hires not certified pest control people only if you demand it, it is never a regular thing. No Matter how much you clean and spray, Bedbugs and Roaches will come visit form the rooms next to yours. Management excuse is that people that have them don't want the pest control guy to come in. The Holel is Infested with all kinds of bugs. Management Lets All Kind of People in this place, No one has any concept of health and Safety here. On The 4th Floor while waitin

g for the elevetor door 402 will open and Dirty Pants and sheets come Flying out, These Crolling with Bedbugs. These People deserve a Big Fat Fine. For All Kinds of things, From Pest Control issues to Not Up To Code Issues To Letting Criminals Run Their Activities here. And Never Mind The Restourant that is in the same Building,( Indian Restaurant) Unless You consider Insects Food, Stay Away From That Too.

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Went from one room to another. The bed bugs run this building not the management. Don't believe anything the people at the front desk say. Was told countless times there was no bed bugs in different room. Just moved from one infestation to the next. Stay away!

This building is infested with bedbugs. I originally had a room on the 3rd floor (308) that literally crawled with them. I then was moved to the second floor but began to notice bites. I talked with other tenants of this SRO and found that this building had a long standing history of infestation. No amount of treatments will remove them from this place as they have been allowed to grow and prosper over the years. Avoid this place like the plague.

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